Guide To Be A Better Player (UPDATED)

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Sep 23, 2020
Hello everyone today I'll be explaining most important things in killing floor 2 so that you can become a better player and have a better understanding of the game more. I will try to make this as short as possible so it isn't too long and boring.

1.) One thing to know is that every perk has a role, if you don't play a role that is required for a particular perk you will not be an effective player, also keep in mind that its not always about having the most kills. For example a swat/commando/Firebug can get more kills most likely than a Support/Sharpshooter/Gunslinger would because swat/commando/firebug's role is to kill all the little guys in a matter of a split second while the DPS roles (Support/Demolitionist/Sharpshooter/Gunslinger) are suppose to focus on the big zeds (most of the time). Medic's main focus is for healing and its secondary is to kill trash zeds (most of the time your gonna be healing). Berserker can do both I suppose but Berserkers are usually good for holding a point for the team and doing great amount of damage. So just because a Sharpshooter could have 80 kills while a Commando has like 200 kills doesn't make the person playing Sharpshooter bad, They are usually just focused on killing the tougher guys. So just know it's not always about having the most kills to be efficient for the team. Just understand the perk roles and help your team out.

2.) Stick with your teammates, you will have a better survivability rate if you stick with them or at least close enough (especially with a medic), Berserk is the only perk that could solo, and commando can go a few distances away from the team (but not too far).

3.) Understanding useful tips that can help you survive like cancel reloading/quick heal (Quick Heal is explained on bottom page) and bashing (bashing is very good if there is a zed in a doorway and you need to stumble it out of the way to get pass it or if there is a siren you ran into just around the corner, bash it to prevent it from screaming for a few seconds then shoot it).

4.) Understanding when to hold point and when to kite (standing you ground with a team is good but it can be a bad thing to hold a point in a place that has limited escape routes and narrow pathways so open areas are best and if things get hairy understand when its time to move). Also understand when to weld doors because that can limit your escape route as well.

5.) Healing your teammates (even if your not medic still consider healing them, usually having a 101 pistol is good for whatever perk you play, only has 1 weight)

6.) Don't get cornered (check behind you every few seconds), understanding spawn points, map layouts, and don't stay in narrow areas for long (you can get surrounded quickly if you do).

7.) Prioritize your targets. I seen people rage scrakes (scrakes rage by doing enough damage to them to a point they go into a manic state by charging at you) instead of shooting at a fleshpound which is more of priority then anything cause fleshpounds can rage at any given time even when you don't do damage to it. (just don't try to fight it alone unless your a DPS perk and confident enough to know you can handle it).

8.) Learn the weakest and strengths of each zed (Fleshpounds are vulnerable to explosions and resistant to bullets, while Scrakes are vulnerable to bullets and resistant to explosions) using a rpg on a scrake though, it does enough damage you will just have to shoot 1 or 2 more missles at it at this point cause rpg does enough damage already. same goes for fleshpounds when using a sniper, it'll just take 1 or 2 more hits.

9.) Go for head shots, head shots are important however there is two zeds in the game that you shouldn't shoot in the head that is EDARs and Rioters, EDARs can be shot in the chest which is the vulnerable part of them and Rioters can be shot in the legs (cause they wear armor on their chest and a helmet) (EDARs are robotic so it takes more shots to shoot it anywhere other than the chest).

10.) Understand that sometimes a teammate needs money to buy something (if you cant give it to them cause you are saving up that money for something else then that is okay, but if you really don't need it, just don't be a jerk and give them the money) because if they don't have the money then they can't buy better weapons to help the team out or being able to buy armor.

11.) Understanding a certain sound can mean a certain attack from a zed, like a husk's fireball, EDAR's trapper or when you hear a ground slam coming from fleshpound (Means its now enraged). This goes especially for bosses like if King Fleshpound is about to use his laser beam he makes that certain sound before he does it or when patriarch is about to shoot his missles he will say something or you will hear him pressing buttons before missles are shot at you at this point you should be running and taking cover.

12.) Understanding how each boss works and how to fight them (I seen a King fleshpound use his laser beam from his cheat and people don't crouch to duck under his laser, default button for crouch is C, and sometimes when they do crouch they are on the stairs while king fleshpound is below the stairs he can still hit you EVEN when you crouch so avoid stairs if you can when against King Fleshpound, or when Hans throws his bombs and people don't run away from them they just stand there to die from the explosions, or people being out in the open when fighting Matriarch. Another thing is don't get so close to these bosses unless your a berserker who can tank, but even then it depends on when you should go near them to fight them as a berserker, like if Matriarch is using siren scream or king fleshpound is doing his slam attacks or when Hans throws his bombs (which does MASSIVE damage).

13.) Encouraging your teammates, yes you heard me right, when you encourage your teammate they usually do better in any game in general, it has something to do psychological. (even if there is a few things they may not understand in the game to get better, it still helps).

14.) Last but not least, understand that this is just a game (studies have shown that when your frustrated you don't think clearly and make irrational choices, It's best to take a break then go back to playing when your cooled off).

1.) Know the perk roles (Not just knowing roles but how some of their skills work a certain way)
2.) Sticking with your team or at least being close enough
3.) Understanding useful tips and tricks (Cancel Reload/Quick Heal, and Bashing)
4.) When and where to hold point and when to evacuate (if things go bad)
5.) Healing teammates (even if not a medic)
6.) Don't get cornered (stay away from areas that have narrow pathways and limited escape routes) ,(check behind you every few seconds), (Understand when not to weld doors), (Understand where zeds spawn and map layouts)
7.) Prioritize your targets
8.) Understanding weaknesses and strengths of each zed
9.) Go for head shots (they are useful except on two zeds, EDARs and Rioters)
10.) Give your team money when they need it (Unless you need that money)
11.) Listen to certain sounds (certain sounds indicate a certain attack is about to be made, this goes especially for bosses)
12.) Understanding how to deal with each boss
13.) Encourage your teammates
14.) Don't get frustrated (if you do take a break!)

To quick heal, when you heal yourself, as soon as your screen turns blue (indicates you been healed) Immediately switch to one of your weapons, doing this will allow you to shorten the heal animation by a few seconds.

If you ever want to know how to cancel reload check this video out
Credits goes to Mr Man for this video, not me.

That is it, I hope this guide has helped you. :)
Mar 24, 2017
What a nice and clean guide you have here.
I just wanted to add, use and take notice of commands.
Ask for dosh if needed, you never know your luck. Ask for help, players may assist you, and follow players if they ask you to, they are just trying to keep you alive
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