Guerrilla Gaming Community - Tactical Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Group

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Lil B00stie

FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 26, 2018
Welcome to Guerrilla Gaming Community


Guerrilla Gaming is a community for mature (18+) players to play tactically with other like-minded players who enjoy using communication & teamwork. With no ranks, having fun is the most important thing in this community & with no activity requirements, you are welcome to come chat, play, mod, create and group up as you please!
Play what you want, when you want!
GGC is a community for players of all games. While we primarily focus on ARMA:3 & Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, we are always playing other games as well. Feel free to join our community and hop into the channel of your favorite game on our Discord and wait for other players to join. You can also check the steam page, or post on the forums to see who wants to play! As a multi-game community, the idea is to find people to play what you want, when you want! Get on to play what you want, when you want
No ranks
Realism units can be a drag. Constant training, saluting ranks, standing in lines. Who has time for that? As most players in this group work, have children, have wives/gf's/bf's etc nobody has the time or patience to salute in-game or to kiss ***. All members are equal. Everyone has a chance to Squad lead, or Team Lead across various games. Use group tactics, communication and teamwork to reign victorious!​
Mature 18+ Gaming
We're all adults here, but there are rules to follow. Common sense rules. Read the sticky on the forum page which will out line it all for you. As for 18+ we aren't going to ask you how old you are, but if you act immaturely you will be dealt with regardless of the age. Mature conversations are welcome, hence why it is a 18+ group. Be respectful and use common sense.
Have Fun!!!

The most important thing is to have fun. Come join our group, chat, play, hang out! Make new friends, add people on steam, expand your horizons. Our whole premise of making this group was to expand our own horizons. For years many of us who founded this group came to realize that we all are pretty alike. We all have similar tastes in games, personal likes, foods, cars etc. Some of us have become close friends. We founded this group to expand what we have grown between us to hopefully, have a place for (Maybe one day) hundreds of people to come and play games, talk and above all have fun! So, if you think this is a group for you, join today and come join the fun!
Join our discord:
Join our Steam group: