Grenade Sound?

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Oct 18, 2007
I hate one thing especially much in Red Orchestra, and that's the grenades... I dont know if something is wrong with the sound, but I never hear the grenades hit the ground... :mad: And then suddenly BOoM! and I wonder where did that come from? Its impossible to survive grenade attacks if you never know when they come... Sometimes u see when they come in the air, but ofc not always... :( Can I change this somewhere or? :confused:


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Aug 23, 2006
i think this has been mentioned thousands of times b4 and some people can def hear them others can't...i hav a similar problem to you but i don't do that much close quarters stuff so it's rarely a problem. Take a look in the ideas and suggestions see what u find in there not sure if there is a fix about


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May 21, 2006
There is a definite "clink" sound when grenades land. Like Aeneas said, it's been mentioned before in other threads. Like you, sometimes I hear it, sometimes I don't.

The version of the Unreal Engine that RO uses is not too great with separating out channels of sound, or dealing with different volumes. Depends on your sound setup on your machine and the game. Just look at how many posts deal with "phantom/ninja" tanks, ie. sometimes the sounds of approaching tanks don't come through well, or are very low in volume.

I think we just have to deal with it as limitation of th engine and how that in turn places limitations on how the sound can be mixed (no offense to Xancerman).