Green Army Men Update 1.2 - Thanksgiving

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General changes:
  • Added four new plastic weapons
  • Added a new map : GMTE-Thanksgiving2019
  • Various small adjustments

Detailed changes:


Added FOUR new weapons for both factions:

    • 60mm Rocket Launcher for the Grenadier role.
Shoulder-Fired launcher capable of delivering high-explosive missiles at high speeds.

Very destructive, but the size of the weapon leaves little space for spare munitions.

    • 7.62 Semi-Automatic Rifle for the Sniper role.
Semi-automatic precision weapon intended for medium range engagements.

Sports greatly increased magazine size compared to other alternatives.

    • 40mm Grenade Launcher for the Grenadier role.
Cut down variant of the Grenade Launcher only capable of firing 40mm Smoke Grenades.
Found in the player’s Equipment slot.

    • 9mm Submachine gun for the Pointman and Grenadier roles.
Lightweight submachine gun outfitted with a Suppressor. This weapon benefits from greatly reduced muzzle flash and decreased tracer visibility, but lacks stopping power at range.


Introducing GMTE-Thanksgiving2019 :
  • Brand new Territories map, available for free!
  • The leaves are changing color, family is in town, and there is a fat Turkey in the oven. We all know what that means.. The fight for the Kitchen has commenced on Thanksgiving Day.

Battle your way across the countertops, air ducts, and dining room table as the Green Army Men invade Thanksgiving Dinner. Navigate your way through Potato fortresses and Wine bottle towers. The winner takes all, the turkey on this festive holiday map.

Take the fight outside as you navigate your choppers around the back deck

stronghold and Dad's half finished leaf piles. There is one more thing to be Thankful for this year : more Green Army Men madness!


Weapon balance and other adjustments:
  • Added a new Combat Engineer loadout.
  • Updated the look of Player and Weapon materials.
  • Fixed a bug where Commander bots would call in the wrong air support abilities.
Please note : bots are not officially supported.

Weapon balance adjustments:
    • Improvements to Single Action mode.
    • Fixed a bug where visual recoil would not always play upon firing.
    • Tweaks to shot dispersion and weapon recoil.
    • Slightly increased maximum rate of fire.
    • Visual recoil will now be greatly reduced when deployed.
    • Slightly decreased base ironsight zoom. (Focus zoom is unchanged)
    • Adjusted sight zeroing.
    • Updated available ammo types and weapon variants.
    • Tweaked recoil to be more in line with other weapons.
  • PDW
    • Slightly increased muzzle climb.
    • Reduced spare ammo capacity.
    • Slightly reduced Aim Down Sights speed.
    • Slightly decreased base damage.
    • Tweaked weapon recoil to be more in line with other weapons.
    • Improved accuracy while firing from the hip.
    • Adjusted sight zeroing.
    • Improved accuracy while firing from the hip.
    • Tweaked weapon recoil.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support.
The Green Army Men Team.
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Please note that this update does not include any of the bug fixes for client and server that are being worked on for the base game. That is still an ongoing work.
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