Good bye to Red Orchestra

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mein teil

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Jan 17, 2006
philadelphia pa
So sad and sorry to say. Good bye to Red orchestra, you will be missed in a major way. It takes a true gamer and even more to have played R.O... Slower pace and on a much more intense level. From amazing bayo kills to banking a nade off a door. Amazing kills. Panzersfausts to PPSh-41 sprays. It was a love like no other. The game has died down and people have gone. After taking a break from RO and comming back and stepping right back on top. I just don't see this game offering me and others enjoyment anymore. Same ol same ol. Danzing "one of the best maps" has killed the game. Ro has a top more maps that are just as great. Well with the end comes new begingings. I hope the RO mods are great. "CC" is looking awesome and cant wait to play that.



A new hope for us lost gamers. Might be a fad but also might ruin a few WW2 games. I hope to see quite a few of you on the new battlefields this FRIDAY.

RO has taught me alot. Russians kicked A$$, Love my mosin 91/30, M44 and my PPSH-41 SEMI AUTO



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Mar 14, 2007
Detroit, MI
Well, I wrote a reply, but didn't go through, so I'll be brief, maybe expand another time.

I understand what your saying, but I disagree man.

Look orginal Forgotten Hope and FH2 are BattleField 1942 and BF2 mods;

BF 2 is more run and gun than original FH; I imagine the FH2 gameplay will be the similar to BF2; because BF2's action is more fast pace than BF1942, that means like in BF2, there will be not much of a chance to text message, communicate, and chat a little with the other players, which is something I like about original FH and RO.

Original FH added more realism over vanilla BF1942, but the soldiers and everything still has an arcade like appearance, and the soldier and the weapons feels clunkier. The rifle in FH fires like a popgun.

Also, in BF2 you can fire tanks while driving, there are no tank crews, and your objectives is always "Capture the flags." That is taken from elementary schoolyard recess fights.

Real soldiers take objectives like various buildings, trenches, and railyards. They don't capture a bunch of flags.

OK, the RO servers don't have the full 50 players playing, but you can still find 40 player or more players playing Odessa; Your can find RO servers with 30 or more player and in the 20 player lvl, like 24 players.

The Forgotton Hope people are good at what they do, making Battlefield Mods.

BF games are entertaining fun gameplay, but RO's simulation of combat both looks and feels more realistic (something that's needs to be advertised more, Tripwire) Until the BF games add more realism, it will just be a "run and gun" shooter with guys capturing flags.


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Feb 1, 2006
Maine, US
Gonna be leaving RO for FH2 as well. It's been a great few years guys, but RO is tired and I've had my fun.

Keep up the good work Tripwire, I'm sure I'll be back for whatever your next release is.


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Feb 9, 2006
I think we should ban this ro is dead talk:mad: jeez its getting really annoying imagine you have a new or returning player seeing this well he's gonna think twice aint he!
I'll admit its probadly on the way out in america(but then again its never been big there) but in europe we're still doing quite allright thank you very much:mad:, plus who knows dh and mn may do wonders for the game.


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May 6, 2006
Love the woolly hats Bolt !

As far as servers go, I checked things out last Sunday afternoon
I saw/counted 19 servers, ranging from 32-50 player slots, some have 40/44.

These were all populated with on-line players and not bots, they were not necessarily full but had more than enough players to make it worth while.

Now if out of that lot you can't get a good game, Bolt's gonna eat his Hat :p.

I will point out though, it helps to be in


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Nov 29, 2005
California, baby!
It does help to be in Europe.

There is nothing going on in the US right now, save for the 24/7 Danzig and Arad servers. On a weekday evening, to play any other map, I have to go to Europe. California to the UK or Germany leaves me at about a 200 ping playing against folks with pings of 40. For firefights its not too bad, but any sort of bayo or buttstock action is kinda laughable.

This is really quite sad. I can't find another game as perfect for me as RO, but the only servers with killer ping are playing 2 maps or are completely deserted.


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Feb 25, 2007
For me RO died already since 50 slot servers. After that update I noticed servers much less populated.


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Sep 23, 2006
leaving for FH mod?? when there was only FH for bf1942 i never saw more than 3 populated servers at the same time.
ill never quit RO


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Jul 19, 2007
RO is getting very boring. That's why I hope the mods come soon.


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Nov 21, 2005
Sheppards house
I'm going to be playing a lot of FH2 as well but I'll still play matches and some IC for RO. Carpathian Crosses is also going to be excellent so I'll be sure to play it when it's released.


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Nov 23, 2005
I actually like the current situation(as being a Euro). With all those mainstream gamers slowly leaving RO, the "core" old RO players are starting to get together rather than playing boring pub games seperated. For instance yesterday was one of my favourite pubbings ever, the Project server was filled with ONLY experienced clan players and it felt great playing with them together again. Like old mod days.

I feel sad for NA guys, because 24/7 "rambo map" servers are the ones I hate most.


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Apr 8, 2007
Cottbus - Germany
I also think RO is dying, but i will play it till the bitter end

You are right, many Players already left RO, but with the Mods they will come back (Its really ****in time for the mods, maybe the vehicle pack from after hourz will fill the time between now and the first mod release)

Leaving RO for a Battlefield Mod? I dont know, its a total other gameplay, drecks gaves me the tip, i am lookin forward to "frontlines: fuel of war", based on u3 engine


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Mar 2, 2007
I counted something like 19 servers that were populated (from 1 player to full server) a few days ago.:(
it seems noone is playing any of the maps I like ethier its all danzig or similar.
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