Give KF2 more team-oriented gameplay. 1 month experience & ideas

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May 3, 2021
So I've been playing this game for about a month now with 230 Hours playtime, had some thoughts and ideas that crossed my mind that I would like to share. I would love to see the game become more team-oriented and give a better multiplayer experience where players can feel like they are contributing to the team to win games.

Was wondering why health globes werent a thing here, maybe it just doesnt make sense for it to be in kf2, but it would be nice if Support/Field Medic Perk has a skill that had a 10% chance of spawning a health globe when hitting a Zed. A health globe that drops from the Zed your hitting then you or your teammate can run/walk over it and heals 10% of your health.

A few times in Hard difficulty and most times in Suicidal/HoE games, I tend to find myslf needing more ammo, ammo packs around the map are a gamble that you compete for with other teammates, and having a Support Perk as a teammate is nice but you only get to get ammo from them once per wave. Would appreciate if there was a new and/or better way to get ammo. I was thinking that maybe one of the Perks could get a skill similar to the Field Medic Perk - Airborne Agent where instead of healing it gave teammates Ammo Recovery/Regen, Zed time would trigger a circle that recovers 10% ammo for anyone who touches the circle.

This could just be me being a noob, but I tend to lose most of my Suicidal/HoE group games, public games that I randomly join. Perks just seem very weak and fragile in these difficulties. It would be great if Perks got more damage reduction skills, or perhaps difficulties can be rescaled. For Example:

One 4 all, All 4 one (Survivalist)
Gain 40% damage reduction when there are no teammates within 10M of you. When you have teammates within 10M of you, you instead get 20% damage reduction and share the other 20% to each teammates around you.

Strength in numbers (SWAT/Berserker)
Gain 5% damage reduction for each Zeds within 10M of you. At 15% damage reduction also deal 15% more damage.

Ultra Instinct (GunSlinger/Sharpshooter)
When a Zed hits you for the first time it completely miss you and for the next 3 seconds you take 50% less damage. Can only happen once per Zed and does not stack.

And are Prestige Ranks really just purely cosmetics? Couldn't we get like a permanant 10HP per prestige rank for that perk? The extra exp bonus is nice but I would like to see something more. I mean if we ever get too much permanant HP and the game gets too easy, you guys can just rescale the difficulty or implement a new difficulty higher than HoE and call it something like "Nightmare".

Anyways thanks for reading, KF2 has potentail to be a lot more better and fun imo.
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