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Give a warning for Stand Your Ground during the trader round


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 10, 2011
So, adding a visible objective marker for SYG to show its location was a good change, since gives a clearer idea of where the game is telling you to go.

But it's been over a year and I don't understand why it's considered fun to suddenly spawn a SYG objective across the map with no warning and then penalize the player for not getting there on time when there's no way for the player to know if or where there will be one. The game is basically saying "Surprise, go over here now. What, it was physically impossible for you to make it there in time? That's your fault."

That's not fun game design. That's not something that improves the gameplay experience. That's generating a random reward and then penalizing the player for things that are completely out of their control. I don't know how this was tested and implemented and considered a good system.

This is especially a problem on higher difficulties where SYG ranges from riskier to straight up suicide. If there's a warning during the trader round, then there can at least be some debate over whether or not to attempt it, rather than ignoring it by default because everyone's already set up to defend where they're already at, and running to the other side of the map to defend a worse position is just going to get everyone killed for sure.

Additionally, extending the time before the reward starts ticking down would also be beneficial, as even under better circumstances it's often just a little too short. A visible countdown timer would also be helpful.

Just some minor changes to make the system actually fair. If it's going to be random and forced in Survival, then at least make it better, please.


Active member
Feb 1, 2011
But then that would mean Zerkers would only use Berserker Rage when they know for sure that an SYG wave would appear. We can't have that, now can we?

In all seriousness though, I think knowing in advance when a Stand Your Ground wave is happening will actually INCREASE the usage of the leftmost Berserker skill, because if you intend to stick with Spartan throughout the entire game, then it would be more prudent to abandon SYG objectives.

I still think that SYG is a failed attempt at a Berserker Rage stealth buff, though.