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The Univermag's ghost

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Aug 18, 2013
Hi all!

I' ve been practising with code in udk, using a custom game type. I tought
it would have been as simple as in udk to set up one in ro2, but i'm having a lot of troubles (no gametype loaded when starting map, the compiler that crashes ecc...). I've already tried to read the other thread on this section "how to fire up a gametype" but i only got confused.

While in udk i just declare a class that extends another gametype class and then i put "mycustomgameinfo" on my test map's world properties and everything goes ok, in ro2 it seems this is handled by the SetGameTypeFunction, but there's also the possibility to determine it in the editor, then i tried to do it like hotw mod does, but still nothing :(

So... how should i set up a mine gametype that i can use to test my code?

-what should my change on my test map?

-what should i change in my config files?

-what should my gametype class look like?

Please be as clear as possible, 'cause i' m very confused.:confused:

EDIT: Problem solved, with the help of CommanderShepard.
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