GAMEMODE - Continuous Wave

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Dec 9, 2010
Hey guys, apologies in advance if it has been brought up before.

I was thinking of a game mode (or difficulty) that revolves around a having no down time in between waves, timed waves and no maximum/minimum number of zeds per wave, meaning, the trader opens up while there are still zeds running around.

Allow me to explain:

Continuous mode:

> Each wave's duration is calculated as a fixed duration plus an increment. Example:

  • Wave 1 : 60 seconds + 30 seconds Trader Time (90 seconds total)
  • Wave 2 : 70 seconds + 30 seconds Trader Time (100 seconds total)
  • Wave 3 : 80 seconds + 30 seconds Trader Time (110 seconds total)
  • etc.
Time to next trader time is displayed somewhere near the radar.

> At the end of each wave, the game changes to the next wave (a prompt is displayed to warn players)

> Zeds spawn constantly at regular intervals until the final wave (Patty wave). There is no fixed number of specimens. There is no down time between waves. Zeds don't stop spawning at end of each wave. Zed group composition is based on which wave is currently active (identical to the current wave system)

> During the last 30 seconds of each wave, the Trader opens up shop ( 30 seconds Trader Time mentioned earlier). The current location of the trader, as well of future trader locations are indicated like normal. Trader opens up shop regardless of zed proximity (Zeds can enter the trader shop).

> Players will be forced to fight their way to the trader, shop while under attack, and proceed to the next trader location.

> Dead players can spawn right inside the trader if it's open. Players are given a prompt button to choose when they want to spawn (to prevent spawning right in a FP's face).

> For performance reasons there is a maximum number of Zeds at any given time.

This mode pitches the party in a game where the specimen horde never thins down. It's constantly growing with ever more powerful zeds without the benefit of a breather at end of each wave.

It forces the party to wade through crowds of Zeds to reach the trader in time, stock up (probably in turns, lest they get gangbanged by angry fleshpounds while shopping) , and leave, repeat the process on the next trader location.

Likes? don't likes? could it work? does it sound fun?
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 1, 2011
Nice idea, that could be worth giving it a try.
But i think 30 seconds is too short. Devided by 6 players, each player only has 5 seconds to shop.
There had to be only one or two big guys in front of the trader at the wrong moment and the shopping time is gone for the whole team.
That would result in zerkers having a huge advantage (again).
Either a much longer trader time, or a constantly open trader (maybe different for the difficulties) could fix this problem.