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Game suggestion help

Single player


I am playing it now, the single player is pretty fun and seems to have an interesting story....
I just want to keep going... Will I save the girl or will she die a horrible disturbing death (DO NOT FREAKING TELL ME!)

Graphics are good.... or should I say Doom3 ?
Gameplay is really fun
Lots of gore
Even more gore
Alian Freekyness mixed with Native American Tribe Spiritual Stuff...
Pretty fun Get you're soul out of you're body feature

Great graphics
Story is more on the SOSO end...
Pretty fun
VERY FREEKY... not alian freeky... but Soul Hunting Freeky
Pretty fun Slow Motion Feature

Cons: Sometimes confusing because places tend to look a lot alike... I got lost more then once in an office building going in circles...

HL2 if you never played it
Episode one if you finished halflife2
No need for description... Halflife2 is one of the best single player FPS games out there.

COD2 ???
I never tried...
Tried COD3 on Wii but I personally, did not like it one bit...


Ehhhhhhh.... Red Orchestra ?
I do not know of any better Online FPS

Unless you want to try the wonderful DOD:S or CS:S or BF2 series that we all love from the bottom of our hearts :rolleyes:
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Jan 10, 2006
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On the two titles you mentioned:

BFfuture: There is the whole add thing to think of with this one. I have not played it myself (and won't), but I've heard mixed results. It seems that the people who managed to get it to work have enjoyed it for what it is. Seems to have some serious issues with some hardware mixes I guess.

HL2:1 : It was good, but short. Sets up nicely for Episode 2. Multiplayer is nothing outside of HL2 DM, though.

That's about all I can give you. As I haven't played the first it wouldn't be fair for me to pass a judgement on how it is as a game, though I do urge you to 'just say no' because of the in-game moneygrabber ;).

Other titles this year:

Prey and Fear are both pretty hot. Fear is more of a 'play through and shelf it' for me. The multiplayer is good, just wasn't my cup of tea exactly. Prey is just a good game all around.

Team Fortress 2 with Episode 2 coming next year though, can't beat that! woot!
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Well I know everyone here HATE Battlefield with a passion. :rolleyes: And of course I play RO, I've played it for a very long time.

Battlefield series have potential...
Its pretty much everything most people like to see...

In my opinion... its killed by a few things

-Little 1337 kids
-Stat whoring effect of Centralised Stats (Encourages TK's for Vehicles such as planes)
-Massive Loading times CAUSED by the Centralised Stat whoring system.
-Little 1337 kids tking you because you took THEIR Plane so they can PWN the AIR
-Expensions with new maps and guns for those who pay... people who pay can play with regular users with their "slightly better" guns
(Causing more TK's for guns)
-Massive bugs
-little updates (that are in the 150 to 400mb patches for nothing much)

It has potential... but ea's strategies and attitudes are just nasty.

Its REALLY FUN to fly an apache and offer air support to the tanks and APC's

When you manage to get in without getting shot by a friendly
Or take off without a friendly sticking c4 on you to detonate you while you're in the air


Then you
Alt + F4
Hardrives Thrash
BF2 Music in background for 2 minutes
Screw it... Reset
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Nov 21, 2005
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I'd say Ranbow Six: LAs Vegas should be good both SP and MP. A friend of mine says so, but I remain sceptical until I tried it after the Lockdown fiasko.

Also, I really liked Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter both in MP and in SP.

I hear they say Las Vegas is like Graw but a lot better.
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