Game Breaking Bug

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Oct 6, 2021
Hi everyone, i'm totally new to this awesome game, i players It so hard that i already reached all the levels the game makes you reach.

I was so Happy about this game, that i decided to buy instantly the dlc "Truth Quest", and here comes the Pain.

I reached, i think, the latest parte of the game, and After defeating the irradiated sperma whale, i went ti a new Mission called "Better sonar then never" or in italian, that i come from, Is "meglio sonar che mai"

This Quest Is completely bugged, when i go to the Mission spot, the item i'm suggested ti destroy, Simply does not appear.

I tryed to restare a new game, reaching the same.mission i was in the lady game, hoping in a saving error or something like this, but After other 10 hours of playing, when i the Mission, It was bugged again.

If you need video proofs or images, Just tell me where i can input them.

I'm very sad about this, i was so curious ti see the lady parte of the game, but It seems i Will Need a lot of time before you can fix this bug..

I have the game pass versione of the game, but i don't think this Is the reason the Mission Is bugged.

Thank you for your answers ti my questione and i Hope you can work on It.


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Oct 10, 2005
This is a known issue, and a fix is in the works. You can work around it for now by changing your platform language to English.
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