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Toggle width still not working for me. I cleared all my browser cache and cookies, restarted browser, logged in, still not saving.

edit: I'm using Firefox.
Actually nothing saves at all. I collapse the left side menu, the right side menu, toggle width, then I hit refresh or click the top logo, and it is back to default. I also have tried these settings and that literally does nothing too:

Style options
  • Collapse sidebar by default
    If the selected style includes a collapsible sidebar, this will collapse the sidebar on all pages by default.
  • Collapse side navigation by default
    If the selected style includes a collapsible side navigation, this will collapse the side navigation on all pages by default.
Tried both on Windows/Manjaro with Firefox and problem is exactly the same. Seems like a problem on the forum not on my side.
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- Sometimes ALL the links on front page just stop being links and you need to refresh the page to have them being clickable links again. It happens sometimes, still didn't find the trigger for this bug.

Found a repro, very simple, on main forum page, scroll down, the responsive design toggles the 'black header', with the search bar and all, now scroll up again, page returns to original form, now scroll down again, see the FORUM LIST button/block staying visible on middle-top of the page and having main focus on the page, only its own link works now and the rest of the page is not clickable. Solution IMO, get rid of this button it doesn't serve any purpose, it is the same as clicking the logo, or the FORUMS button in menu, or fix the responsive design but it is easier to get rid of it.
I've just applied two patches (one for the forum, one for the addon that powers our style), can you reverify this is still an issue and I'll raise it to the right parties.
I reported the issue to the team that has helped with the theme and they were unable to reproduce it so far. What browser are you using and could you take a video of the replication?
I tried with browser in safe mode, with all modules disabled, and both issues in both videos are still there.
- Auto playing the video on front page is a bad idea (also the pause button doesn't work), actually it's a bad idea, period. It sucks bandwidth, it is repetitive every time you load the home page it plays, you can't stop it because the whole slideshow block is a link, it would have been better to simply have a fixed image like in a normal slideshow, with a fake video player.

Don't mind me, just bumping this comment just to get an option to disable that autoplay video thing at the main page (better yet completely hide it)
I gave a Ublock rule earlier to remove the whole thing but it still is here (it is just hidden and do not remove it at all for real) and when the youtube hidden video autoplays it still stops my other youtube tab playing in the background (because I have a browser extension to stop the currently playing video if I start playing another). I still use the rule to forget that this is still playing but I eventually notice as IT STOPS MY FREAKING YOUTUBE IN OTHER TAB EVERY DAMN TIME!
This is really annoying. Also it serves ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE if you're doing this for your analytics or something like that. People not interested in the video do not want to have it autoplay everytime they load the forum home. People interested in the video will click the image (if you eventually admit what I told is the good thing to do). Everyone happy. I really feel you're shoving these video up there by force..

As we say here "autant pisser dans un violon!".
i haven't been around lately, but why are there 'Comments' on Posts in Threads?
so you read an entire Thread to see where a Discussion is going, and then if you make a Post yourself and get involved, if you get response(s) later, when you come back to the Thread you're going to have to read the entire Thread all over again every single time because someone could have started or added to the Discussion on literally any of the Posts in the Thread.

god forbid a Thread might have active discussion for 10+ pages, that just sounds so tedious. how do you keep track of a Conversation when it can be out of order.