[Question] For those with Internet via Powerline

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Jul 5, 2011
Hello, I have been playing Red Orchestra since January this year and bought HoS deluxe edition once it was available. Up until this weekend I have been using a 10 meter long cable from my room up on the next floor into the router. I don't have the speediest internet around but I could always play on Euro servers with around 100 ping or so.

Anyway, this weekend I bought a model TPL-401E from Trendnet, which allows me to connect right through the electrical wiring and get online that way. It worked fine for me this weekend for the most part and I got around 6 solid hours of playtime each night. Right now the servers seem to have a much higher ping than they usually do and as soon as I join a server I lose my connection to the internet and get kicked to the menu. As I am doing this I always talk to my friend on Skype and I go offline once I get into his server. When I quit Red Orchestra my internet is restored and I get a very fast connection speed apparently. It would seem that by trying to join a server in RO2 puts too much pressure on my powerline and cuts it right off.

I have a 100 MPS connection but the Powerline adapters are capable of 500 MPS connection so it might just be the poor quality of my electrical wiring, or an error in the Powerline adapters.

It may be cause I have been joining Punkbuster enabled servers, because for some reason my ping is much higher if PB is enabled. Anyways I hope it's something fixable and I am posting here and also submitting a ticket to the Trendnet Helpdesk. Hoping I can get some help.

I know it is probably difficult to help with this since most probably don't use the same setup as me but I am hoping someone might give it a try.