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Fog of War


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Jul 17, 2018
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I play a lot of Rising Storm 2, and one of the things I can't help but notice the most, is how easy it easy to spot targets in areas where it shouldn't be easy at all, like in dense jungle.

I believe that a major contributing factor to this issue, is that many weapons, take the m14 and m16, for example, do not seem to have flash suppresors ("flash hiders") as functioning parts of the weapons themselves, even though there are clearly flash hiders on the muzzles of the weapons.

It is entirely too easy to see most NATO weapons, through dense jungle, especially American rifles. Pistols and machine pistols (smgs) on the other hand, all around on all factions, do not seem to give off enough flash even though many of them do not employ any form of flash suppressing muzzle device at all.

The amount of muzzle gasses escaping the muzzle upon firing, are also basically non-existent. There should really be thick clouds of gas (light smoke, not like a musket, lol) wafting away from weapon muzzles after they have performed repeated, or rapid-succession, sustained fire/shots especially. Where as, if a player, say a US marksman/rifleman, were taking slow, precise shots, waiting at least a few moments in between each, the amount of muzzle gasses would not be less, but the resultant gas from each shot should waft away in time before the next shot as to allow for the minimal build up of gases at or near the shooters position (which would obviously, otherwise, aid opponents in determining their exact location).

Now, this is how and why all of this talk of "gases" should matter even further, on a macro scale, regarding the ambiance and condition of a map that is actively being played, with explosions and gun fire going off all over the place.

I PROPOSE, that there be a module made for maps that allow there to be some form of dynamic, active creation of THICK clouds of fog that have resulted from the accumulation of muzzle gases and other gases commonly found on battlefields. The module itself would allow for the map to become increasingly more obscured, in terms of the quality of visibility of the individual infantryman, based upon the TOTAL amount of shots and fire (including artillery, grenade blasts, explosives, etc...) being exchanged on the map by players.

The more intense and aggressive the fighting gets, the harder it should be come, at least at intervals, for players to see each other, during battle. This should especially be the case in enclosed areas, like close-quarter urban combat environments, and ultra-thick and dense jungle.

Further, the giant masses of "fog" (muzzle gases, explosion gases etc...) which accumulate overtime should also be able to dynamically move and waft with the direction of the wind across the field of battle. This SHOULD allow for their to be moments of clarity, where small breaks in the fog appear as the result of the clouds being sifted and wafted away by the wind.

I hope I have explained what I am going for, here, well enough.

It should be entirely possible for certain maps or areas on them to go from being pristinely clear in terms of visibility, to almost having ZERO VISIBILITY as the result of combat picking up and intensifying actively in a match.

Not only would a module such as is described here increase the authenticity of the gameplay, but it would allow for many more and varied, dynamic, tactical situations to arise more-fluidly, and interestingly, in game.

Thanks for reading!


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Oct 10, 2005
Muzzle flash is more pronounced in humid and dark areas, like a jungle.