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Finding cooperative tankers more easily ingame


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Mar 9, 2006
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Yeah I made some requsts to the high ups at TW and it looks like they answered the call. Thanks for listening to the community and the fans. Everyone give a thanks to TW if you would like to. Now if we can get Krylosz to change the title not sure if that can be done or not. I am thinking.
"Cooperative tanker Tags [TT] ... Wheres yours?"
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Mr. Tambourine Man

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Apr 30, 2006
Helmut_AUT said:
TT is good. TT.c or TT.d makes sense.

All in all, a good idea. Once upon a time in DoD 2.0 there was a similar "group" created where people would sign up and then use a tag to show that they were team-players, but damned if I remember what they used.

I believe that was the Online Warfare Pact or OWFP. I was a member for a good many years.
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