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Final QOL Cosmetic Improvements


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 20, 2019
I have two final requests for what I assume will be the final rs2 update (assuming the M113 will come in a seprate update post 1.3)

First off, I believe the ARVN are the only faction that require a few new faces. Both northern factions, both US factions and the ANZAC all feel like there is plenty of choices as far as faces go. However the ARVN are limited to only three. Personally, I think either the ARVN should share faces with the north Vietnamese, (they are both the same race after all) or receive around 3 new ones like the Northern Factions received. Ether of these suggestions would fix the ARVN's lack of faces.

The second is the change to US Army Helmet Bands. This is an odd one as at the moment they use USMC Tire Helmet bands, but the textures for the correct cloth bands are used by the ARVN and ANZAC. Hopefully the USMC can keep the current bands, but the US Army use the texture from the ones used by ARVN and ANZAC forces.