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Few questions


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 11, 2009

I have a big server 35 slots, and I'm looking of some mutator for modify few details on my server.

First question do you have mutator CashMut? it's to change the number of money early in the game or even if you have another idea I'm interested, because I would like 1000 at the outset of the game

Another question,I would change the number of specimens early in the game, I would put 64,at the place of 32,there is a mutator for this?

and last question, can there be weather modification automation that everyone is ready when they arrive on a server? and not as players wait for whenever the latter are not ready, for example I want to 2 minutes,it's starts automatically

I already did some testing, including for the money early in the game and the number of specimen, but this does not change every time,it give up the default value,I already look at if there were the mutators or solutions but I find nothing at all on the subject :(

if you can help it would be great

Thank you in advance for your help

sorry for my English very bad :(

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 6, 2010
Russian Federation
nice, you have a server but you don't know how it works...

This would help you:
1) the number of money you can change in [server_place]\system\killingfloor.ini just change this parameters in section [KFmod.KFGameType]
KFGameLength=3 //this parameter should be same
StartingCash=300 // this param for starting money
MinRespawnCash=250 // this for respawn after death
and so you can change this params in webadmin on page: Defaults - Sandbox

2) for more specimens in the game use this mutator http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=44163&highlight=UZeds

3) for allows newly joined players to spawn during the existing wave use mut AutoSpawner, link:http://rghost.ru/3968475

p.s. I think that it's help you and sorry for my English too, I am Russian :rolleyes:
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