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Female soviet soldiers :d


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Jul 15, 2011
It in the Soviet Union women fought in larger numbers in front line roles. Over 800,000 women served in the Soviet armed forces in World War II nearly 200,000 of them were decorated and 89 of them eventually received the Soviet Union
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Sep 6, 2011
if not realistic, it would be a nice shout out to the contributions of the fairer sex in the second world war.

Colt .45 killer

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May 19, 2006
The reason they dident do it for Ost, or KF, or Hos is because to do it properly you need to re do all the skeletons and animations. Because believe me, a mans animation and skeleton does not fit that of a womans. That is afaik, over 2500 animations that need to be redone. This is a lot of work for something that is aesthetic only.

Also Gimpy why did you necro this thread?
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Field Marshal Rommel

The real reason is that players would not want to play as an old, disgusting, hairy, unibrow, bearded soviet "women" such as this:



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Dec 3, 2006
Fort Sill, OK
Statistically Russian female soldiers were not directly involved in the up close combat fighting on the eastern front. There were some cases but realistically there numbers were small in comparison to their male counterparts. Now there were large numbers of artillery women, AAA roles, MG companies (IDF use), Pilots etc... but I would rather see the modelers do other things than women. Maybe in a couple of years when we have all our goodies the modelers could do that.


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Apr 9, 2013
I was just about to suggest the same thing! War games in general have a noticeable lack of women, and it's always irked me. While it's justifiable for most World War II games, I think it would fit in Red Orchestra for the reason mentioned.

It is, however, true that women played a small role in frontline combat compared to men. Hence, rather than doing an even split or giving players a choice of model, I think it would make sense for e.g. every 20th spawned character to use a female model rather than a male one. That would create gender distributions that don't break immersion, while not adding any complications to the spawning interface either.

Would it be a lot of work to make new models, animations and sounds? Yes, I recognize that. But it would give Red Orchestra 2 something few games have, and just to let you know, Tripwire...I'd pay for it. :)