Fed up of hyped games getting 10/10?

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Dec 7, 2005
He's so spot on about GHWT, overall it's good but the good songs outnumbered by whiny ***** rock/emo songs from nobody bands is completely true.

Also the hardware is abysmal, my guitar out of the box had a squeaky binding strummer and a loose bit rattling around inside. I didn't mind though cause it worked fine and I was stoked that now you had to actually tilt the guitar a lot to trigger star power, unlike my GH3 guitar which goes off if you breathe too deeply. Four days later the tilt sensor stopped working completely (setting star power off instantly) and I RMA'd the damn thing.

My friends drums didn't work at all out of the box.


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Apr 1, 2006
I could have sworn he has, but I can't find it now so I supppose he hasn't afterall.:confused:

Nah, but he mentioned something about FC2 in the end credits a couple reviews back.. as i recall it said he coulden't find any motivation to play it or some such.