Fed up of hyped games getting 10/10?

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Dec 18, 2006
But really, i think he's just tired of reviewing games other people wants him to review, and not the games he wants to do, you can tell he's not exactly enthusiastic about many of them.

So he should start growing a spine and stop being such a whore. Really, every week now I hear him making a new excuse for losing his edge- xmas hangover, jetlag, not playing the game... he should just go back to his own roots and find his inner mojo again. :cool:


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Jun 15, 2007
Holy crap this guy is amazing. Never though a video game review could make me crack ups so hard hahaha!



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Remember that he actually stated that The Witcher was his "first impressions" since he admitted he only played a small part of the entire game.

Personally I found it fun as always and I do think his critizism is warranted too. He does point out flaws in most (if not all) games he reviews.

As an example all the points he made about The Legend of Zelda Phantom hourglass where valid even if I peronally loved the game anyway.

The thing is that people (not pointing at anyone in this forum but I've seen comments in other forums) need to take off their fanboy glasses and realize that a game, even if you love it, in most cases have flaws or elements that could be done better or better left out compleatly.

Also in other cases he clearly statse that some things he dislike is his personal opinion (an example is that SMG would have been the same or better with a GC controller, a opinion I disagree with).

If you ask me, he complained about the WRONG THINGS in the The Witcher first impressions, the controls are easy and pretty straightforward, and potion making is not hard, just mix it and get some formulas :p

The BAD things with The Witcher is the extremely stupid dialoge at times, and the ****ed up voice acting.

Rest is gold end of story :D

Btw...Yay? :-D

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Apr 1, 2006
Ooh cant wait! Even if he slags it off Im sure it will be hilarious! :D

Ohh he will! its a review people have punked him to do, its not the kind of game he seems to like, and there's plenty to pick at, its gonna be a barrel of laughs! :D

Well, assuming he's not just jerking us around ofcourse, and i woulden't put that past him..


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Nov 22, 2005
I thought it was hilariously random and stupid. I would love to see more re-dubbed videogame sequences.
"20 minutes. Outfront. Pufferfish."


Apr 15, 2006
Didnt really like the game, too short, and multiplayer gets boring too soon, i didnt really like the review either, wheres the criticism gone?


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To me it seems the games he plays must be easy to get into and quick to play, because he don't want to spend so much time playing .. :eek: But still he spends alot of time playing, he just doesn't notice it! (when it's easy to get into xD)