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RO2 Fear - The Combat Modifier


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 25, 2013
There was a thread yesterday on reddit about "Changes we would like to see". Well, I sat down and typed away on an idea of which I had for some time, but never brought up.

I would like to see fear come to the game. So far we have a suppression system where we are being fired on and all we deal with this grey screen and we cant zoom in (holding shift).

Here is a quick scenario: You and a buddy are hiding behind cover, the japs are firing on you and your buddy takes a round to the head before your very eyes. Your character starts screaming "**** **** ****!!!" The screen turns grey, you can see your weapon shaking a little in your hands. You raise over your cover and fire off a few rounds, your accuracy is a bit off, you are scared and that fear is bringing your accuracy down. You hear the ping of your M1, its time to reload. You duck down and pull a new clip out and try to insert it, you are having trouble fitting the clip in, you are taking a second longer than usual to reload. Allies now show up, you have two friends with you and they both start firing. You feel calm, knowing you are not alone. Your rifle is steadier than before, you lean over and fire your rifle again and you kill a jap, one of your allies congrats you on your kill. On the other end, the Japanese soldier who watched his ally die is feeling the same effect the American was. The cycle continues.

I hope that little scenario made enough sense, I lack sleep and I am typing in the dark.

How can this mechanic work? Remember how Banzai Charges work better in larger groups? You get that little icon that shows a figure charging with the x(whatever number of fellow banzai...ers). That is how the system will work. Each ingame character gets an aura around them that tracks the amount of allies near them. Once there are no allies, negative effects begin to occur (this will slow down lone wolfing, forcing team work). The effects will range from reload speed to accuracy to how much noise your character makes.

An easy way to track "Fear" and "Motivated" (The idea of doing well, inspired and such) is to use a point system. Every Character starts at 100, when something happens, you add or subtract from that starting 100. You kill and enemy, add 20. You are now more motivated than before and the recoil from a BAR is less crazy. You see a group of allies get blown to pieces: Subtract 60 (10 for each man), you are also alone (subtract another 10): You are not a 50, scared quite bad, but not out of it yet. Your aim is off a little, your character starts trying to calm himself down. The enemy just took an objective from your team: Subtract 20, you are now at 30... Retreat!!!! Your aim is very much off and you start crying, fearing death or worse. You fire your BAR and you can barely control the recoil enough to get a kill. You die. You respawn at 100.

To take into account the players who have put those countless hours into the game to get the "Hero" level. Your character is a Hero. Why would they **** themselves in the middle of combat after seeing what they have seen? You start off at 150 with no positive modifiers (you need to do something to get more motivated).

So far, in my head, I have come up with a few ways for fear to strike a character:

Enemy Caps your point (You are being overrun).
-Ally is killed before you (slightly causes fear if there are other alive allies near you, full effect if no other alive allies are present).
-Artillery Barrage, you are in the center of it or near the edge of it.
-Enemy Suppressing fire (I know this is currently done, I would just like to add Fear to being suppressed).

"Motivators" Help you, and get rid of fear.
-Allies present
-Killing an enemy and/or an ally kills an enemy.
-Taking an enemy point.
-Calming Down. Sit there, don't get shot at for a few seconds, let your thoughts come back together. "It will all be okay."

For those who have experienced war, I am sure you can support me in my argument that "Under pressure, things become a lot harder to do/handle". Fear is something that is only represented through ingame dialogue, but it should pressed upon further. We call Red Orchestra 2 the PTSD Simulator. Lets push it further.

I hope you like this idea. I had a lot of fun typing it!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 14, 2011
In the hills! (of England)
Wrong forum section. :p

Anyways, half of what you stated is already in game:
*Friendlies dying near you puts on more suppression
*Having friendlies nearby reduces the effects of suppression (The ! with the Chevrons above it indicates this)
*Being suppressed messes with your aim (More shaking and it limits the controlled breathing quite a lot)
*Heroes area already more resistant to suppression, and they also "inspire" the troops around them

Although your idea of the permanent "suppression points" is interesting, it's not for me though. What if you're trying to sneak and end up being stuck suppressed all the time.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 25, 2013
What if you're trying to sneak and end up being stuck suppressed all the time.
One of the Motivators was hiding and waiting for your motivation to return. Basically calming down by getting out of the fight for a few seconds can help you achieve that flank. The game already does this, but I feel like it is too quick. You gain back your normal attributes rather quick.

I understand that a lot was already in the game, but this idea is more of an expansion on the current suppression system. The game has a lot of the features I love when under fire (friends dying and causing suppressed qualities), my solution will just add to the long term of that effect.

Having played this game since release, I seriously did not know about the current ingame affect of allies. I always thought the "!" over the Chevrons was something like "Allied NCO in your area".