Favorite Zed models

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Apr 24, 2011
Sunny, Sunny California
Now that we've had several events, I'm just curious as to what everyone's favorite zed models were. For giggles I'm counting the Halloween skins--which were just reskins of the Summer zeds--as separate.

Rank them however you wish. I'm doing less-than-greater-than.

Summer > Halloween > Vanilla > Elf > Honey Biscuit
I love the babbling insanty of the midgets. The Hillbilly Clot didn't pique my interest at all.

(Better Half Of) Uncle Pervis > Christmas > Vanilla > Summer > Halloween
The half-men were so freaking creepy. Was a bit annoyed that I could not for the life of me reliably headshot them. The Summer/Halloween Crawlers hit my uncanny valley in a horrible, horrible way.

Mrs. Claws > Maggie Mae > Vanilla > Halloween > Summer
Claws and Maggie were uh... nice to look at. Don't judge me. Vanilla too. The Halloween and Summer models had a bit of the ugly stick going on with them.

Gingerfast > Banjofast > Halloween > Vanilla > Summer
The Gingerfast will always be remembered as the monster with the funniest lines. I simply have to give him first place. Hillbilly gets a close second because he's a zombie redneck who attempts to beat you to death with his banjo. That's freaking hilarious. I liked the skeleton sword-swallowers.

Pukey > Christmas > Vanilla > Mama Bessie > Halloween
Killer clown who gave lines from It. That's cool. Christmas also has his charm as well. I ranked the Halloween Bloat last because I forgot what he was, haha.

Summer > Halloween > Brother Sparky > Christmas > Vanilla
A robot trying to sell you large amounts of fire? Awesome. Redneck trying to kill you with fireworks? Awesome. Snowman pelting you with... fire? Awesome.

Vanilla > Granny Crystal May > Caroler > Bearded Lady > Pirate
I liked the standard Siren the best. The others were... I don't know. Can't put my finger on it, but they didn't really wow me.

Scrake Frost >>>>>> Halloween > Amazing Man-Monkey > Vanilla > Cousin Otis
I've said it many times on these forums, but the Christmas Scrake looked badass. Wonder if those modding guys ever got the Maul online, since it would be a righteous miniboss. The Bunny Scrake was a funny idea, combined with the great lines of the Summer Scrake. Hillbilly Scrake seemed a little bland for me, though he got points for the bizarre panty comments.

Bubba > Christmas > Vanilla > Frankenpound> Summer
"Get off my lawn!" and "They took our jobs... I took their lives" made the Hillbilly Fleshie for me. Nutpound was a funny concept. Halloween/Summer were meh.

Robo-Claus > Sheriff Wade > Vanilla > Ringmaster > Vampire
Don't know why I enjoyed the Christmas Patriarch so much, but I did. Wade was a close second with his great brain comments.
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Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
For giggles I'm counting the Halloween skins
For the lols, i well include the Mix versions TW didnt use.

Honey Biscuit > Mix > Strange Little Clot> Clot > Elf > Strange Little Goblin

I like Honey cause he's a zombie, and i find the midgets cute :p

2-Headed Girl > Uncle Pervis > Fallen Crawler > The Red Nose Cawler > Crawler > Mix
The 2 Headed girl is so cute :3 Pervis is a zombie, thats just awesome.

Skeleton > Ginger-Fast > Mix > Sword Swallower > Gorefast > Banjo Kid
I like the Skeleton re-skin, it looks very nice, Ginger-fast is also cool cause he just looks creepy

Mrs.Claws > Stalker > Maggie May > Lovely Assistant > Witcher > Mix

Pukey > Penny Bloatedwise > Bloat > Mama Bessie > Bloat Santa > Mix
Pukey is by far, one of the best specimens ever made.

Husk-O'-Lantern - Snow Husk - Mechanical Man - Brother Sparky - Husk
Im not gonna lie, Husk has always had the best designes, so their all on a tie.

Bearded Woman > Siren > Mix > Black Beared > Granny Crystal May > Siren Caroler
Bearded Woman looks the creepest if she was walking towards you. (stubby arms)

Were-Bunny > Uncle Otis > The Incredible Man Monkey > Jack Frost > Mix > Scrake
The Were-Bunny looks more creepy then the Man Monkey. Uncle Otis's pig mask and qoutes...he is weird.

Nut Pound > Fleshpound > Mix > Bubba > Frankenpound > Fleshclown
The Nut Pound is by far one of the most terrifying'ist specimen to walk the face of the Earth. Fleshpound it self sends me running.

Patriarch > Mix > Ringleader > Shierff Wade > Robo-Claus > Vampirach
Love his porn star looks, the Mix one is also one of the best mixed there is.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 24, 2011
Mixed? Links or it didn't happen? :S

As for my faves:

Clot: Normal. Normal clots just give the vibe of 'killer monsters of doom and sadness clones' that the entire normal game thrives on. Not so much when it comes to the rest, which sometimes feel like they're more shoehorned into the 'thankless' jobs (elves!)

Gorefast: Swordmasters. Swordmasters are awesome, if a bit annoying thanks to the head mesh's not breaking with headshots. A big improvement would be if the head asploded and left the sword hanging out of his stump :3 Still one of the better looking ones, though Banjo does also make it fun due to the 'twang' noises.

Bloat: Pukey the Clown/Halloween Pukey. Clowns are scary, obese puking zombies are scary. Mix the two and it turns hillarious.

Crawler: Sideshow. The lines for the Crawler(s?) during the Sideshows work well for what is easily the biggest annoyence in the game, add in the design itself seems to 'fit' for a Siamese twin that didn't quite form right.

Husk: Mechanical Man. No freakin contest. Add in dancing easter egg for luls :3

Stalker: Normal, actually. Stalkers kinda fit well in the original incarnation the best, as you'd think those ridiculous costumes wouldn't work well with cloaking devices >_>

Siren: Again, Normal is best for the femzeds. The Siren's lines cause me chills because of how twisted the character is when she's not trying to scream you to death. The rest of her attires just seem... meh.

Skrake: Jack Frost. A excellent model design, good lines, though admittedly the ice blade doesn't look very chainsaw-y when in the attack. I guess a close contended would be the Man-Monkey. 'And not a single **** was given that day.'

Fleshpound: The Strong Man. Though maybe a bit less colorful in comparison to the Nut Pound or Bubba, I like the lines related and he does have the buff brawler look going for him.

Patty: Think my favorite Patriach thus far has to be Sheriff Wade. Wade's zombiefied form seems just way too over-the-top even my the standards of the Ringleader and Robot-Clause, is hillarious when idle, and basicly has enough canned crazy in a tin to make him laughably a blast to fight. Though admittedly, one wonders how the sherrif got that piece of hardwear. Maybe they should reskin the weapon sometimes as well, eh?


Grizzled Veteran
Dec 20, 2009
For me the Hillbilly specimens are the best so far. Great modelling and they are not that immersion breaking. Great job by TWI! I just hope they will do the same with the upcoming char packs. Most of the recent DLC chars are out of the immersion very bad.

Major Liability

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Apr 14, 2010
New York
Clot: Hillbilly - The tats make him
Stalker: Stock - CAN YOU SEE? Yeah, everything
Crawler: Sideshow - Downright disturbing
Gorefast: Xmas - The only genuinely scary specimen
Bloat: Sideshow - Funny like a clown
Siren: Xmas - I like her hat
Husk: Hillbilly - Reminds me of my cousin
Scrake: Xmas - Just looks awesome
Fleshpound: Stock - An icon of KF that cannot be replaced
Patriarch: Sideshow - I love his lines and outfit
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