RS Faction A vs Faction B: Crowd-Source Brainstorm

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Sep 25, 2014
Well I made a set of German skins for the western front mod. An urban set. The standard German soldiers have a different shade of field grey to better distinguish themselves from the Americans slightly. Its actually the official RGB colour of field grey the Germans used. Field grey is a shade of the green. Confusing. They also have the M42 tunic rather than the M36 tunic they use in RO2. I gave them slate grey helmets which became quite common late war and pre war most helmets were slate grey. For the veteran he's acquired a pair of splinter camo trousers. And the machine gunners get dark grey gloves rather then field grey gloves. There weren't really official military gloves. They just issued soldiers with a bunch of different kinds of gloves. Gloves were gloves. I also have a similar hero skin which has a camo parka rather than a tunic. And I decided to give him a pair of old slate grey trousers. To give the sense of him being an old and experienced soldier who's been in the army since 1938. I was gonna give him a camo helmet too but the mesh for the German helmets are weird and the camo turns out all stretched. It needs to be redone. So its just default for now. That's the cold/wet weather variation. Not snowy winter.

They are pretty authentic. Just some minor alterations to help with close range team identification. Currently in a CQB situation friendly fire happens a lot because of the current colours.


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May 24, 2014
Sounds excellent. :)
I always thought about a small character customisation menu, a bit like in Ut3 in which you could decide if there should be a foliage net on the helmet or not, you want jackboots or ankle boots, etc. Maybe also decide the face and the voice for your character.

One thing I do hope for is that winter outfit for the Germans is not the standard field tunic with scarf and gloves. Please add greatcoats. :)

Wet clothing would be awesome indeed. Currently it looks unrealistic of it pours down and the characters are not wet also. If there is a chance to add wet clothing that would be awesome. Also wet weapon skins would be immersive. :)
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