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PC Extremely Slow Load Times - Fix (For me)


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Jul 4, 2022
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Reproducibility: Always

Summary: Extremely long load time to get into the game, screen sometimes grays out asking if I want to wait for the application to respond or close it.

Description: When loading the game it takes an extremely long time to get to the home menu. Frequently the window will gray out, and I'll get a message asking if I would like to wait for the application to respond or close it. If I wait, it eventually loads and the performance is generally fine, once I get to that point.

FIX: (For Me) If you are running OneDrive for Windows and have it set to perform data syncs for your Documents folder, Right Click the OneDrive icon on the right-hand side of your task bar, click the gear icon in the top right, and select 'Exit OneDrive'. Just be sure to either reboot your PC when you are done playing Killing Floors 2, or restart OneDrive via: Start -> Applications - Click OneDrive. You can also tell it to STOP syncing your documents, although if you have data there you want backed up, you should NOTE it will no longer backup that directory and sub directory by default. My suggestion would be to just exit the application when playing Killing Floor 2 and then either start it when you are done, or simply reboot at some point and it will start on its own and start syncing any data that has changed.

1) If OneDrive is running (and set to sync data - regardless of the fact if it is currently syncing or not), it happens every time.
2) If I exit out of OneDrive, Killing Floor 2 loads up just fine, fairly quickly, and without the gray screen and application not responding window.

Online/Offline: I only play Online

No screen shots required.
Update: Unfortunately, it seems the test was a failure. Apparently, I got fairly lucky for a few test loads in secession. I loaded the game about 5 or 6 times last night while testing, and before posting with no issues. I decide to stop using OneDrive, so I backed up the files in my Documents folder, removed OneDrive from startup, stopped the backups it was doing, and tested again. The issue has started back up, and now even working through the previous steps, it still persists. This time around, I get the black screen with music, and it eventually loads, but I haven't noted the gray screen, and the message to wait for the application to respond or to close the application. I'll try some more testing later, but holiday time is running out and I'd like to get some games in, so I'll deal with the load time, at least it runs well once it starts up. :)
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