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Exterminator Security & Bugfix Mutator


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
With the increasing number of friends of bug using there were two options to equal out those advantages: Explaining to each and everyone how to use them or simply fix the game to a level where those bugs would not be usable anymore.

We went with the latter. The result is the Exterminator. Beside fixing a wide variety of bugs in its first version this mutator allows server admins to force certain settings on the client, detects a variety of cheats and monitors players attempts to circumvent security measures.

The mutator will be released in the coming weeks. The release will be announced here and on roladder.net


  • Webadmin options to configure the mutator
  • A command printing out the mutator configuration ingame. (ExterminatorConfig)
  • Cheat detection with webadmin settable consequences (log, advertise, kick, sessionban, ban)
  • Detection for continued attempts to reset forced settings with webadmin settable consequences (log, advertise, kick, sessionban, ban)
  • Option to force projectors off
  • Option to force shadows off
  • Option to force 32bit

  • Fixed an exploit where the player was able to stand up and aim before the 3rd person getup animation finished.
  • Fixed an exploit where the player was able move with walking speed in crawl animations.
  • Fixed an exploit making it possible to look over a large number of obstacles while the model appeared prone behind it.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing zoomed view weapons other than the sniper rifles.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to set artillery on spawnareas via sky.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to remove bobbing.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to cancel the bolt animation of the sniper rifle
  • Fixed an exploit where the player was able to instant reload the bolt sniperrifles by throwing them during reload.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing the player to bolt his rifle while being switched to another.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed sprinting during reload.
  • Fixed an exploit which made hipshooting too easy after sprinting.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to attach/detach the bayo during sprint.

Only server side installation is required.

  1. Extract the files Exterminator.u, Exterminator.ucl and Exterminator.int to your Red Orchestra servers system folder.
  2. Restart the server
  3. Open webadmin
  4. Add the mutator in the current mutator list.
  5. Add the mutator under Default->VoteConfig.
  6. Setup the mutator to your likings under Default->Exterminator
Webadmin configuration

You will find several options when opening your servers webadmin and selecting Default->Exterminator.

  1. bExterminatorOn: enables the mutator, when off the server is neither protected from hacks, config changes nor exploiting.
  2. bForceProjOff: Forces projectors off on the client when checked.
  3. bForceShadowsOff: Forces shadows off on the client when checked.
  4. bForce32Bit: Forces the client into 32bit mode when checked.
  5. Recheck interval: Specifies in what interval the player is checked for changed forced settings. (The player is checked at every respawn independant of this setting)
  6. DetectConsequences: Specifies what happens when a cheat or reset of forced variables is detected. Options are
    • Log: Logs the UID of the player to the logfile
    • Advertise: Prints a message to all players that the player in question is trying to exploit the game (and in what way)
    • Kick: Kicks the player.
    • SessionBan: Sessionbans the player
    • Ban: Bans the player


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 9, 2007
should be the standart on all servers. This is alot more important to competitive ro than any archievemnts. ;)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2005
Awesome worluk. I'm surprised community is doing TWI's job :)