Espire Update 1.7 Anniversary Edition

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QUEST VERSION: Version 1.7.218​

With our 1.7 Anniversary update, we want to thank the more than 150,000 users that have purchased this game and allowed it to become an Oculus Quest top seller. We poured our hearts and souls into the development of Espire 1. The game had a shaky launch but we have received a lot of constructive feedback via press and user reviews, our social media pages and our Espire 1 discord - We welcome all feedback on the game and with the major engine upgrade we’ve done for our 1.7 update, we’re well placed to continue to support the game in the year ahead and beyond.

New Features​

Exclusive to Quest 2​

  • Added official Quest 2 support
  • Increased clarity with less aggressive dynamic Foveated Rendering and increased pixel resolution
  • Added higher mesh resolution for the guards and other characters
  • Bullet Impact Particles from the PSVR version have been added to the Quest 2
  • Unique Bullet impact Sound Effects for each surface type that the bullets hit
  • Game has been color-graded for the Quest 2 LCD screen
  • Enhanced Audio: When the player crouches down, the game’s soundtrack dynamically submixes the music down, and increases the sounds footsteps and voices of the guards
  • Added ricocheting bullets for player and guards

New features for both Quest 1 and Quest 2​

  • Improved shaders and materials - with roughness and reflectivity added to many more surfaces in the game
  • Increased performance across the board
  • Improved loading times across the board
  • Added support for Oculus Dash “Overlays” on Quest 1 and Quest 2

Bugs Fixed​

Various gameplay, graphic and logic issues reported by our community on TWI forums + Espire discord have been addressed. Full patch notes will be available in the coming days.