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If you haven't yet checked out Espire 1 VR: Operative, there is no better time than now! Recently updated to build 1.4 which has brought many community requested features and fixes, the team is hard at work getting ready for update 1.5 in the coming days. The work in progress changelog for that update can be found below!

EDIT: Update 1.5 is now live on Steam and Oculus!

Virtual Challenges

  • We’ve taken a survey on our Espire Discordand added 9 new virtual challenges, based off everyone’s favourite game modes. There’s now 34 challenges in total.
    • 3 new “Person of Interest” challenges. Identify the person of interest and get them to the extraction point alive. Previously there were only 2 POI challenges.
    • 3 new “Elimination” challenges. Eliminate all targets within the time limit.
    • 1 new “Takedown” challenge. Eliminate every enemy without raising an alert.
    • 1 new “Sneaking” challenge. Reach the goal plate without being spotted by the enemy
    • 1 new “Climbing” challenge. An advanced challenge that tests an advanced Espire mechanic where you can physically ‘throw’ yourself through the air to reach areas above you.
  • Based off user feedback, we’ve adjusted the way you can access the challenges
    • There are now 23/34 challenges unlocked by default when starting a new save file. Previously there were only 5 challenges by default and you would have to progress through the campaign to unlock more. You will still have to complete the campaign to unlock the very hardest challenges
    • You can now complete the challenges in any order you like. Previously you would be unable to attempt a challenge until you had completed the one before it
    • 2 of the hardest challenges “Graysmoke” and “Cinnamon” have been rebalanced based off user feedback
  • Leaderboards
    • Each of the 9 challenges have 3 new leaderboards to compete on - Lowest cost, lowest time, or best combined score. We’ve added our best times to them while testing. See if you can beat us!

Feature Improvements
  • We’ve added a new “Unlock summary” screen at the end of each mission. It tracks your progress on Trial, Badge and weapon unlocks. Hovering on any unlockable item will give you instructions on how to obtain it.
  • The “Spectator Camera” (An optional ‘steadycam’ that renders to external displays for streamers on PC) should be aligned down the player's right eye by default. We will add an option in our next patch to let players switch between left/right eye,
  • Spectator Camera - default rotation speed is now quicker
  • Spectator Camera no longer has “Roll”, so will always be aligned to the horizon, even if the player is twisting their head.
  • Spectator Cam Brightness, Gamma, Contrast and render settings adjusted to better match what the player actually sees inside their VR headset

Tutorialization / On-boarding
Based off user feedback we’ve been working on improving the 1st-time experience and tutorialization
  • We’ve added short videos in the settings menu that describe what the “Espire Control Theatre” comfort mode is, to make it easier to adjust or disable it.
  • The tutorial that teaches you how to repair your Espire early in the campaign has been improved.
  • The tutorial describing “Espire Instinct” (bullet time) has been improved.
  • Added a tutorial explaining how to gain access to the generator room in mission 1.2 “Reech Division.”
  • Described how to unlock the 5 “Playstyle Badges” that can be collected in each campaign mission.
  • Added a tutorial on first launch of the game that describes how to pause the game using the wristwatch.
  • Adjusted the “Flashback” sequences so they are easier to progress through.

Gameplay and A.I Improvements
  • The Espire now has more air-control. This means that you can better influence the direction you’re moving in as you fall (or fly) through the air.
  • The Espire is now blocked by guard’s bodies and cannot move through them. Previously their bodies did not block the player. This improves melee combat. We are further improving melee combat in our next update.
  • We revised the game’s first large-scale encounter with enemies - the “Marion Server Room”. There’s more hiding locations and guards have adjusted patrols after being alerted.
  • On Oculus Quest, we’ve done a performance pass of the campaign and some virtual challenges to improve areas where framerate could drop.

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 1.5 Ventilation system where the player could become stuck in a loading screen while moving through the small transfer vent.
  • The marking system has been revised to remove bugs and lessen the instances where an enemy will ‘auto-mark’ themselves. The only way enemies will be marked now is if you use your hand-camera to scan them, if the enemy spots you (vision) or if the enemy sounds an alarm.
  • Fixed an issue where the haptic feedback (vibration effect) on your controller could be stuck “on” after reloading a shotgun in certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bomb Defusal Expert Achievement could be unattainable in Mission 1.5 in certain scenarios.
  • Improved collision in the “Mission 1.2 Reech Division” Reech tunnels area where players could fall through the overhead pipe system
  • Fixed an issue on the Oculus Rift version of the game where the title could crash when entering the Oculus dash while falling through the air after encountering the destroyer drone in Mission 1.5
  • Revised our “Tiny Espire” cheat to be more fun and fix some small bugs with tiny ‘artificial crouch’ + tiny inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the repair tool could enter a state where it repaired impact points 4x too quickly
  • Fixed issues in the Mission 1.3 “research Sector” where briefing videos would not play incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues where guards could sometimes ‘pop back’ roughly 1 metre during a melee attack.
  • Environment pass of the existing 25 virtual challenges to fix gaps in walls, missing meshes and alignment issues
  • Fixed an issue on the Quest version of the game where, if a player is holding a gun in their hand, then overlaps an ammo collision (collecting ammo from a gun), the Ammo overlay may not update to show the new ammo they collected
  • Boss battle: When shooting the weak point of a Destroyer Drone, the drone was not flashing yellow.
  • Boss battle: When the Ventilation boss sequence begins, there’s 12+ spotter drones, there should only be 6.
  • Fixed an issue where a character could be rendered invisible during a story sequence in mission 1.6 “Basement Level 1”.

We expect this update to hit PC/Quest platforms in the coming days. For PSVR players, we are continuing to work on bringing a major update to bring it up to parity with the PC builds as well as enhance graphics and will be sharing more in the coming days.
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