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ESPIRE 2 - version 1.6 - Update


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    Build #: 1.6.197

    Supported Platforms: Quest (2, Pro, Quest 3)​

    Release Date:
    Tuesday 10th October, 2023 10am PT /
    Wednesday 11th October, 2023 4am AEDT



    Patch 6 brings another big content update to Espire 2. This free update includes a new mixed reality game mode which brings the world of Espire right into your own home. Meta Quest 3 support has also been added along with significant visual improvements for the new platform.

    Mixed Reality Missions​

    This game mode brings Espire 2 into your own home. Sneak past Ophis in a series of training operations and prove you have what it takes to be an Espire Operator.

    Espire MR Missions is a series of stealth missions that grow to your playspace; be it a small room or a whole floor of your house! Guards hide behind desks, tripmines move along walls, weapons and items sit on benches and shelves and large virtual ‘roller doors’ sit on your real worlds - revealing a virtual world beyond. Each of the 16 MR Mini Missions & 8 MR Large Operations are procedurally generated to fit the layout of your room (or rooms), allowing for a different experience for every location you play.

    Our MR Missions teaser can be found here:​

    Quest 3 Visual Improvements​

    Our 1.6 MR Missions Update will bring day one support for the Meta Quest 3 and takes advantage of the headset’s increased performance capabilities. Exclusive to Meta Quest 3, you can immerse yourself in a visually enhanced Espire 2 experience. All levels across the VR experience (Single player campaign, Co Op Campaign, Espire Ops Mode) have had a substantial visual upgrade with enhancements which includes:
    • Improved atmosphere, dynamic lighting and volumetric fog effects
    • Metallic PBR Materials
    • a 4-8x increase in texture resolution
    • a remade "Espire Vision" view mode
    Some of these enhancements will be available to Quest 2 and Quest Pro users, thanks to the recent CPU/GPU performance improvements Meta unlocked on the Quest 2 / Pro hardware in 2023.

    See a Quest 3 vs Quest 2 comparison video here: