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ESPIRE 2 Update - Version 1.4


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    Build #: 1.4.108

    Supported Platforms: Quest (2, Pro)​

    Release Date:
    Wednesday March 29th, 2023 4AM AEDT /
    Tuesday 28th March, 2023 10am PT
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    Our largest release since Espire 2's November 2022 Launch; this free 1.4 update includes a new "Espire Ops" game mode, with over 90 minutes of new content. The "Espire Ops" update also includes many visual & quality of life fixes across the entire game.

    Espire Ops​

    Players will be able to delve into an extra 90 minutes of content which consists of 13 “Espire Ops” missions. These “Ops” are fresh new scenarios built on iconic Espire locations and were designed with replayability in mind. Players will be able to select their favourite frame and compete on global leaderboards across three new game modes. Additional narrative is provided through the mission descriptions, which follow 3 operations that take place during (and after) the Espire 1 and Espire 2 timelines.

    Sneaking Ops​

    Set up for players who love perfecting stealth. These four increasingly difficult missions require the player to get to the objective without raising any alarms.

    Take Down Ops​

    The ultimate panther challenge. In these five ops the player is required to silently pacify all guards in the area.

    Elimination Ops​

    For players who enjoy action, these four ops allow for players to go loud. They need to clear the area no matter the cost.

    Update 1.4 Release notes - Summary​

    • Espire Ops. A collection of short missions spread over iconic levels from Espire 1 & 2. Compete with other players on the leaderboards across 3 new game modes.
    • Visual Improvements. A number of visual improvements across the game have been added. From new artwork for the game’s pickups & collectables, to a main menu UI refresh.
    • Quality of life & Bug Fixes. There have also been many fixes to issues raised by players. Among these are a “restart from checkpoint” feature & fix for Android audio permissions continually appearing during gameplay.

    Full release notes​

    New Content​

    • Added Espire Ops
    • 13 new short missions available to play

    Feature Improvements​

    • Added a “restart from checkpoint” button to the pause menu
    • “What’s New” Page added
    • Allow “skip final debrief” to also skip credits & post credit scene
    • Improved Aim Assist feature
    • Localisation support for Voice Chat & Public Matchmaking

    Visual Improvements​

    • New Boot & Death HUD sequences for Sinder & Sooty
    • Fix for single-sided fence material
    • Improved Artwork for the automated turrets
    • Improved artwork for the ammo box pickups
    • UI improvements to the main menu
    • Improved visuals for the game’s Pause Menu
    • Many level art improvements across both the single player & multiplayer campaigns
    • More interactive props + details added across both campaigns
    • The HUD more smoothly follows the player's gaze

    Bug Fixes​

    • Fix for Android audio permission pop up occurring repeatedly
    • General fixes for AI behaviour
    • Fixed inconsistent mission timers displayed on the mission summary screen
    • Fixed issue where players would rarely experience a black screen
    • Revised mission scripting for key events across the single player campaign
    • Fixed holes in the environment across the campaign
    • Optimisation for rocket launcher Ammo UI
    • Fixed issue with “My Rank” leaderboard view not working if player is not in leaderboard top 100
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