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Espire 1 : VR Operative 1.5 HOTFIX For Steam, Oculus Rift and Quest




Espire Version 1.5 Hotfix
Attention Espire Agents! We hope you’re enjoying our recently released version 1.5 content update. We’ve pushed a quick hotfix for the current v1.5 version of Espire that fixes some issues reported by users since release of the update:

  • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards where the “My Rank” button was not correctly showing the user’s rank in some circumstances.
  • Adjusted the PAR time, cost and expenditure targets for some virtual challenges based on user feedback. Some targets were too difficult or easy.

    They’ve now been adjusted as follows:
Hold-Up #2 Togah Expenditure PAR: Decreased from 10000 to 2745
Hold-Up #3 Silver Expenditure PAR: Decreased from 7500 to 3000
Hold-Up #3 Silver Combined Score PAR: Increased from 4000 to 8000
Hold-Up #5 Stellata Combined Score PAR: Increased from 2500 to 9600
Hostage #2 Mira Expenditure PAR: Increased from 2500 to 25000

Note that to see these new scores reflected in the UI, you’ll have to play the challenge once.
  • Fixed an issue where on Oculus Quest, the option to disable the "HUD Helmet lines" was not being saved in the user’s save file, so they would have to disable this feature on every play session.
  • Fixed a level streaming issue in Mission 1.3 Research Sector. The "Lecture Hall" area would not load if the player visited it after going through a nearby vent system loading trigger.
  • Fixed a level streaming issue in Mission 1.6 Basement level 1. The "Storage area" would not load correctly if the player visited it after going through a nearby vent system.

We have also added a feature:
  • Players can now ‘cancel’ a forced Espire Instinct Slo-Mo event by pressing the Instinct button.

We’ve been working hard on our next major update for Espire and look forward to sharing news about it with you ahead of its release. If you’re enjoying Espire, we’d appreciate you leaving a review to share your thoughts.

We’re also on Discord - join us at discord.gg/Espire1. Thanks for supporting the game!