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ESPIRE 1 - Version 1.11 New Recruits Update (Steam + Rift)

Attention Espire Agents!

Developer Digital Lode and Publisher Tripwire Presents are proud to announce the immediate availability of our v1.11 "New Recruits" update on Steam. Espire’s 11th major update delivers a suite of improvements for newcomers and veteran Espire operatives alike!

There has never been a better time to experience Espire 1: VR Operative.

Improved VR Device support
This update includes native support for Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. To make the most of the increased visual fidelity and compute power of these newer headsets, we’ve done an uplift pass to the game. Espire 1 now features higher quality assets, effects and rendering features. As part of this work, we’ve also done a polish pass of the game’s Campaign and Virtual Challenge Missions.

We have also finally ensured correct compatibility with the HP Reverb G2. We apologize again for breaking support for this headset in our previous update. We did not have a device on-site to test with so were trying to add support speculatively.

This update also includes a host of input + orientation improvements for all supported headsets.

Visual Improvements
Espire 1 now features higher quality assets, effects and rendering features. These improvements scale across every single supported device. As part of this work, we’ve also done a polish pass of the game’s Campaign and Virtual Challenge Missions.

Removing Competitive Exploits.
We’ve addressed various exploits that allowed some players to obtain cheat times on the leaderboards. As part of this work, we are now removing these ‘unobtainable’ entries from the various leaderboards across the game.

A note on "Controller Bindings".
We have made several updates to the official "SteamVR Controller bindings" for Espire 1. We recommend that you use the "Default" bindings supplied by Digital Lode. If you experience control alignment / input button issues, you may be using a custom community binding. Follow this guide for instructions on how to ensure you're using the default bindings.

Known issues & What's next for Espire 1
We are aware of the following issues with Espire 1 and are working on fixes.
  • If playing Espire 1 using SteamVR, when you use the 'artificial crouch' button to make the Espire unit crouch, the HUD will incorrectly lower out of view. This issue was already present in the game before this update.
  • If playing Espire 1 using "Meta Quest Link", the controllers in-game will look like the Meta Quest 2 controllers, even if your Meta headset is not the Quest 2.
  • If playing Espire 1 using Rift CV1 or Rift S and SteamVR, the headset will be reported as a Quest 2. To workaround this, please ensure the Meta Link app is the "Default XR Runtime" and close SteamVR.
  • In the "Gameplay Settings" menu there is an option to 'swap left and right thumbsticks'. This option is broken.
  • When using the HP Reverb G2, the 3d models of the controllers do not line up with your real world controllers. There is a discrepancy of ~3cm.
We hope to include these fixes in our next "1.12" update - scheduled for May 2024. This 1.12 update will include various AI feature improvements, and will coincide with the launch of our first ever Espire 1 paid DLC; a series of challenge missions set in 2 new environments. We will share more news in the coming weeks. Share your Espire feedback and join the community at https://discord.gg/EspireVR


LODE + Tripwire

Full Release Notes for Espire 1 v1.11 "New Recruits" update.

VR Hardware support
  • Espire 1’s XR device Initialisation logic has been completely rewritten to better support existing headsets and more easily add support for devices that may be released in the future.
  • Espire 1 has been updated to support Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3
  • Official support for HP Reverb G2 has been added. Previously support was implemented by Microsoft / HP with a custom binding. Please note: Reverb G2 users may need to ensure they're using the "Default Bindings" that we have created. See notes above.
  • Improved grip orientation / weapon alignment for Valve Index and HTC Vive controllers.
  • We have added support for Quest 2, 3 and Pro users via "SteamVR Link"
  • We have fixed an issue where the grip alignment for the E1416 Rifle and various shotguns was incorrect on all supported VR devices.
  • Additional logging is added to the game to make it easier to add support for future devices in the future
Visual improvements
  • NPC guards now have much higher resolution meshes and higher quality BPR materials applied to them on the Quest + PC platforms.
  • NPC support staff including IFA scientists and security staff now render with higher resolution meshes and higher quality BPR materials.
  • Mesh + shadow resolution has been increased for many assets throughout the game. Key meshes include primary weapons, Espire cradle units, cradle panels, cradle podiums, doors, large Espire Batteries, Pallets and other common environmental cover.
  • The Hand-mounted “HandCam” and throwable “RemoteCam” holographic camera feeds now have a higher resolution and refresh rate, depending on the current Quest device you are using.
    Espire 1 now renders more spent bullet casings and empty weapon magazines on all platforms.
    The holographic waypoint that guides the player to their next objective renders at a higher resolution on the Quest platform.
  • The User Interface across the title renders at a significantly higher resolution.
  • The User interface across the title has been scaled down and repositioned - much easier to read and navigate.
  • Various Scientist, security and support NPCs have been added to the main menu environment.
Audio Improvements
  • For NPC soldiers, a significant amount of previously unheard lines of dialogue have been added.
    There are now various versions of the main menu background music that will play.
  • Fixed an issue where an NPC guard’s spoken dialogue may not “slow down” when the player slows down time using Espire Instinct.
Gameplay improvements
  • Automated Turrets will now trigger a combat alert the moment they detect the player. Note that the automated turret at the very start of mission #1 Espire Labs is configured to not cause a combat alert when detecting the player.
  • Security cameras will now trigger a combat alert far quicker than before and this detection time is again halved in Hard difficulty.
  • Security camera damage logic has been re-written. It will now take multiple shots to destroy the camera. The lens is a weak spot, with a 1 hit destroy for any bullet - including tranq darts. Explosives and other ‘damage causers' are now able to damage security cameras. The player can only destroy a security camera with a tranq dart if the dart hits the camera's lens.
  • The “venting” behaviour for all explosives in the game has been improved - with more random movement and hecticness, based on the explosive mass
  • Green-variant explosive canisters have been removed from the game, replaced with red canisters.
    Blue explosive barrels are now red.
Game Content - Polish Pass
  • All campaign missions have had a significant polish pass, focused on improving lighting & shadow quality, while addressing collision issues & rendering issues.
  • More bodies of fallen IFA security staff and personnel have been added throughout the campaign.
  • All 53+ virtual challenge missions have had a significant polish pass, focused on improving lighting & shadow quality.
  • The Mitrata virtual challenge is now a ‘shared’ mission between PC and Quest platform with various fixes applied to the environment.
General Fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue causing Espire 1 to crash on launch on some PCs
  • Various animation issues for guards have been found and removed.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to cheat in a virtual challenges.
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 2: Reech Division where players are able to glitch through a wall and finish the mission early.
Misc Changes
  • Espire 1 key art, launch splash screen and icons have been refreshed as part of this update.
  • Added a 1.11 news page to the main menu.