EgreSS's Challenge Thread

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Jul 5, 2012
I'm going to condense my threads into one and add any new additional ones I have in here.

The Commando Challenge

Original Thread:

The Challenge

Difficulty: Hell on Earth
Players: 6
Perk: Commando ONLY
Weapons: Knife, 9MM, Grenades, Med-Syringe, Welder, Bullpup, AK-47, M4, MKb42, Thompson, SCAR, FN FAL
Map: KF-BioticsLab

Think you have what it takes to complete a onslaught using only commando weapons and what you're given as default? Think your team of 6 men has enough skill, discipline, communication, cooperation to complete this? Show us!


--Completed By--



Gameplay Video from me. Wave 9-11.

Killing Floor | Hell On Earth 6 Man | Commando Challenge | Waves 9-11 | - YouTube

Gameplay Video from ChronoLogic. Wave 7-11.

Killing Floor Gameplay: Biotics Labs: 6-Man Commando Challenge - YouTube

The Foundry Challenge

Original Thread:
You and your friend(s) are working in the Foundry, installing new machinery in the new southern end of the factory. You decide to take a lunch break in the workers' lounge when you hear gunfire erupting from outside the factory gates. Bring along your nailguns, you go to investigate. You find the company security guards all mauled to death, guts spilling out, bodies dragged everywhere. You hear more screams coming from inside the factory and begin to see some of your disfigured and mauled co-workers. You quickly gather up the dead guard's Berettas, ammo, grenades and distribute them among your friend(s). On your way back inside the factory, you break a case that reads "Break In Case Of Fire" and distribute some axes... It is up to you and your friend(s) to clear the factory.

Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Hell On Earth
Perk: Support Specialist
Weapons Allowed: Vlad The Impaler, 9MM, Fire Axe, Grenades, Welder, Knife, Med-Syringe
BONUS POINTS: Use Foundry Worker Aldridge / Machete in place of Axe

Good Luck!
( I haven't beaten this yet. It gets hard at wave 5 if you're playing with two players. You run into ammo issues by Wave 8 if you aren't careful with using all your weapons equally. )

Nov, 20 2012
I have finally beat this challenge 2 Man with sYnergy.

Killing Floor | Hell on Earth | Foundry Nail Gun Challenge | 2 Players | Waves 10-11 | - YouTube

Suburbia Challenge

I had to propose one on the map everyone hates! :p

You and your group of cop buddies are dining at the cafe when you get a call from dispatch. Dispatch says there have been numerous calls coming from the outskirts of town, frantic screams, yells, and occasional gunfire. You and your cop buddies are thinking it might be some rampaging manic on a shooting spree. You quickly return back to the station, suit up in body armor, and gather up weapons to distribute among your peers!

Players: 3-6
Difficulty: Hell on Earth
Weapons Allowed: 9MM, Grenades, Pump Shotgun, Hunting Shotgun, M4, .44 Magnum , H&K MK23, Welder, Med-Syringe ( PLUS 1 M4 203, BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY IT AS COMMANDO FOR $3500)

You can carry only a .44 Mag or a MK23, but not both.

You can carry M4 or M4 203 + pump shotgun, but not carry any pistol besides 9mm.

You can carry a Hunting Shotgun paired with either .44 Mag or a Mk23 of your choice.

BONUS POINTS - Use the cop characters and change name to "Officer (yournamehere)"

Dispatch has given you orders to check out the calls. You are to check and clear buildings, check for victims/survivors, and eliminate hostiles. Little do you know, everyone is a victim, there are no survivors, and anything that moves is hostile.

This challenge might be near impossible, but it doesn't hurt to see everyone try! I propose these for fun anyhow. :D

Revised challenge once again to make it more REASONABLE.


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