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Level Design Dramatic Lighting Tutorial


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Oct 11, 2005
Dramatic Lighting Tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to guide you through the process of properly setting the Dramatic Lighting for your level.


Certain actors within a level will get a special type of lighting called Dramatic Lighting. This will only affect actors with bDramaticLighting set to true. Currently, this only affects players and vehicles. Each zone within your level can be set up to affect these actors differently. The following tutorial describes how this is done.

Dramatic Lighting Setting

DramaticLightingScale - The value that you change to adjust how light affects certain actors in that zone (players and vehicles). The can be set on a per-zone basic, or just set for the whole level in your default ZoneInfo actor. The setting is found under ZoneLight in the ZoneInfo properties


The following console command is used to change the dramaticlighting scale in real time in game to test your settings:

set engine.zoneinfo dramaticlightingscale <new value>


set engine.zoneinfo dramaticlightingscale 1.0


The value we are going to adjust is the dramaticlightingscale found in engine.zoneinfo.
There is a fairly sensible default settings for this value, but these default value might not look correct depending upon the lighting in your level. This value will scale up or down the effect that lighting has on players or vehicles in your level. The default value for this setting is 1.2.

You will want to adjust this until players look lit properly in the different areas of your map. If this value is too high, players will appear too bright, if it is too low, players will appear too dark. Try adjusting this value using the


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