Do not forget about the old players of KF 2 who have nothing to do, but have ideas)

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 15, 2021
My team stopped playing KF 2 because there is nothing to do, each new update takes less than a week to complete.

Increasing the maximum perk level to 30 after a few years to 35. I understand this is a great balancing job that entails adding new difficulty.
But this is a huge potential for a long time of forwarding players in the game.
A huge number of achievements will be added that will force all old players to replay each map.
It will bring you online and profit.
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Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
While it is true that updates have been lackluster for the past... two years now? I don't think we can expect anything big and game-changing at that point in development I'm afraid. KF2 is more than five years old now and thus long past its prime. It's already incredible that the game is still getting updated you know?

Bringing every perk to level 30 wouldn't work. Not only because you'd need to come up with 20 new skills (2 per perks), but also because the HoE experts would find the game even easier. It would also be weird for the players who prestiged the game : would they get downgraded, or still be at maximum prestige but pretty much "skipping" multiple levels?

Same problem for level 35, but obviously doubled. Not to mention that "after a few years" sounds like wishful thinking at best : their probably WON'T be a few years from now on. I'm already impressed we're still getting content this year. Considering a KF3 is rumoured to be in development, I would expect it to be the end of the line.

New achievements would be neat, however. I always said that I would have loved them to add very crazy and difficult ideas to keep players on their toes. Killing four zeds with a single boomstick shot? Neat ! Completing a wave with only the C4? Can do ! Landing the killing blow on a boss using your knife? Woop woop ! Killing X amount of zeds using their own weapons ( Killing Hans 5 times with a Mkb42, Killing 20 husks with the Husk Launcher,...) ? Damn !

Alas, I believe we'll be stuck with new maps and new guns for the most part. And I agree : I usually come back for a single weekend every three months, then go on to play other things...

I would love for Tripwire to stop making updates for a while and concentrate full force on KF3. Then after a year or two... BOOM. They announce the third game and to make us wait for the release, they launch a big, final update for KF2. Packed with content.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 3, 2021
An increase to level cap from 25 to 30 with 2 new perk skills for perks sounds awesome. But that would also take about a week or two or less to achieve then we would run into that wall again. This game needs a whole new leveling system that provides incentives for players to play longer. They could try reworking prestige levels into something more, not exactly like an infinite system but something like it.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 27, 2021
I mean, at that point, are you playing just because you feel obligated to, or are you playing because you honestly enjoy the game and want to challenge yourself more? Burnout is absolutely a thing.

For my part, I could care less about finishing the game's weirdo achievements; I play Aim Hero: Zed Edition because the game's shooting mechanics have gone unmatched and I love challenging myself to improve my aim on harder settings. So for my part, that includes CD/HoE+/etc. servers.

But TWI is only one team; expecting them to be able to put out infinite content isn't reasonable, despite their (and Saber's) efforts.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 6, 2020
I 100% double what OnionBubs said.

From my perspective this and other Robozvir requests a pretty weird and for me wouldn't increase in the slightest how satisfactory the gameplay is.