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DLC Weapon Testing

Shima Yamagoto

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 8, 2020
Hello all! I will post this on the Steam Community Hub as well ^_^

As for the paid DLC weapons, I would like to come out of the gate by saying that I fully support them. I would just like to see 1 thing implemented alongside them:

It would be nice to be able to load into a single-player offline match, or perhaps a firing range, and have the ability to test these weapons in that kind of controlled setting. This would help to alleviate part of the frustration around the price tag of these weapons, as you would know exactly what you are purchasing.
Speaking to this, I have been a little let down by my purchase of the Rhinos. Again though, I fully support paid DLC weapons, so long as free weapons are also released at a decent pace :D

As a side note, I am downloading the update for KF2 and reading the patch notes right now. It seems there may be functionality for a firing range, or something of that ilk, so I will have to test that.

Thank you Tripwire team, for keeping up the good work. Just want to give you some positivity among what seems to be a sea of negative feelings.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Tbh you can already do that.
Load into a map, enable cheats and then type in the command to either spawn a specific weapon... or class name (some work) to spawn all the perk weapons .