DieSector - Modify PathCost

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May 14, 2009
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In DieSector, we used a property modifier to get the Zed to go different routes when the obstructions are active. However, if the community level designers try this same method, the map will end up getting unranked. We at TWI used the powa of code to make it okay for us. ;) If you want to modify the pathing of zeds and keep your map whitelisted (players able to gain perk XP), you must use "Modify Extra Cost for Pathnode(s)" in Kismet. This is used by right clicking anywhere in the main kismet window and navigating to "New Action -> Killing Floor -> Modify Extra Cost for Pathnode(s)".


There aren't too many properties on this Kismet sequence action except the extra cost. Normally, KFPathnodes have a cost of 0 which means it doesn't cost the AI any more to use that KFPathnode. Adding a substantial cost to a KFPathnode will force the AI to naturally avoid the KFPathnode. We used 10000 because that's how we roll. There are, quite possibly, lower values that will get things to work right but we chose an extreme.


Use one action to increase the cost, the other to set it back down. That's all there is to it.


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