DH-PacificIsle 2

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May 4, 2006
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Well, someone approached me asking if I could make a Pacific Isle a DH map, but that map has a lot of problems.

1. Lag: It is a system hog, and the openness of it does not allow for a whole lot of optimization
2. "Bad" Objectives: The Objective is to take control of the Island, so all obj can be captured at any time. Kinda takes away that "Epic" feel and decentralizes the battle.
3. The First Map was a "Experiment". It was RO's first Pacific themed map and I was trying to see how things would work out so it was more of a "Art Work" map.

Because of these issues, I'm thinking about recycling the old map and rebuilding a new one with thought out objectives with more room to optimize while still having plenty of forced deco for infantry cover.


Not sure if map should start on the island like RO-PacificIsle Or should have a beach landing(Sorry no Amtracks :(, only Higgins Boat). If there is a beach landing it won't be D-day scale, there will be safer routes off the beach, it will only be there as a first line of defense to slow the allied advance down for a while. Idea: There could be two beachheads being assaulted at the same time.

I plan on having Combined Arms (1 or 2 tanks per side) focusing more on infantry but retaining a large battle field.

Objectives: Two Objectives open at a time, Three can be reasonable if they are closer together. Some Objectives will be recoverable allowing for counterattacks.

Axis:To be decided if they get tanks. May just leave it at AT Guns

Infantry: Environment should allow each class to have a use.

Any Input and advise would be welcome(Objectives, Map features, Ideas, Recommendations, Anything.) Please no criticizing how the Germans didn't fight in the Pacific, I already know that =)