(Devs and modders) NEW VEHICLES!!!-Spice Up the gameplay!!! PBR-Patrol boat

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Jul 3, 2019
we need to spice up the gameplay of rs2,ive been playing since beta and have been around since the first reveal, i think new vehicles should be added due to the rumours of the m113, but a vehicle in particular i think people would like,
This post is messy,it began with me just wanting to suggest the patrol boat as in rs2 vietnam there are plenty of maps with open water that can be used, the pbr is extremely versatile with plenty of weapon mods available,e.g. the standard dual 50 cal front gun,m60-standing weapon and the rear-50.cal,
the boat has an extensive arsenal yet is vulnerable to small arms,
The main reason i made this post is because i watched apocolypse now and the pbr would be great if implemented into rs2 with the m113 apc,
The pbr could act as a spawn point or recon/support vehicle,
I would personally love to see a pbr convoy going down a river b01 Style. Music blaring and machine guns firing at nothing but foliage as ambushes commence.
Devs,If you want to continue to see the game grow and prosper with this amazing community please think about one of these vehicles, I think with the way the game is currently the most viable options if a new vehicle were to be added would be the PBR, Or Type 63 as an opponent of the m113.

patrol boat for the us,arvn and Aus

And this is where the post becomes a spitball contest
If we were ever to delve into Armoured Vehicles and real armoured warfare,E.g. Tanks
The NVA T-34M

And for the southern allies as a balanced response would have the m24 chaffee (also a ww2 era tank)

im just spittballing i know this **** takes ages to create and balance/integrate with all other weapons
but it would really spice up gameplay,and bring great use to the vienamese, fougasse mines,rpg's and molotovs
NVA T-34 (Scrap Make-do Armour)

,To acompany the m113 (if ever needed)
Infantry fighting/support vehicles (Guntrucks)to help the m113a

Now this one really has purpose,(mostly since the dshk is already in game and this could act as a mobile AA For the NVA
, maybe as a counter to the m113 the type 63 could come in handy

this is of coarse for the nva not vietcong, it would act as a great AA Against hueys and other choppers that U.S. Combat engineers would have a new objective to seek out and destroy them.

I hope Someone Important sees this as the game is getting slightly stale, ( i have 293 hours) and im greatly passionate for this game (let alone the vietnam war) as i have seen it from the first helicopter reveal trailer back in 2016 which caught my eye, i think this is the best (and only from my memory) realistic vietnam shooter on pc,which incorporates maps,outfits and other items from pop culture,e.g.
full metal jacket, platoon, hamburger hill,apocalypse now etc

Carry on supporting this fucking amazing game,
Best of luck-
PVT Snowball


Nov 7, 2017
Sgt Joe ( a modder) tried to add a PBR but it would make players game crash so it was scrapped.

The M113 is already in game and playable. But it needs a map that is designed for it to work on. No small fences and things it would get stuck on, and a reason to use it over walking. Making a map is a big effort, one of the devs has said he spends 1,000 hours to make a map. Sgt. Joe did add the M113 to ROK faction in his GOM mod, but the mod is currently not playable because it is waiting for the devs to whitelist it.

modeler po pattara was working on a T-54/T-55 tank but I am unsure if he will finish it or if any of the few modders will be willing to code it into the game.

Back in beta someone showed up in the RS2 discord with really nice guntruck models, but never showed up again as far as I know. I have no hope of him coming back and I am banned from the RS2 discord so I cannot even find his name to contact him.