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Detailed Survivalist Rework, Mk.3


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 6, 2018
Hey, all! Since it has been 7 months since my last attempt and there still hasn't been any mention of an official Survivalist rework, I have recently been inspired to heavily edit my previous version. I've tried to maintain the identity people really seemed to gravitate toward while addressing the specific weaknesses in the concept. (Thanks for the critique!) Specifically, I have paid special attention to further separating my skill suggestions from those found in the current Survivalist tree. I am unsure of the exact balance of percentages, but hopefully this version is even more universal and unique!

Heavy Body Armor
50% Weapon Swap Speed
20% Increased Dosh Earned
75% Real-time During ZED Time (All Actions)

Dual 9mm Pistols
Adrenaline Shot (or Noisemakers)*

*Adrenaline Shots replace the Survivalist's grenades. Using an Adrenaline Shot immediately activates ZED Time.
Players can only carry 1 or 2 Adrenaline Shots, and they cost more to replace than traditional grenades.

Adrenaline Shots might be overpowered. In that case, replace the concept with Noisemakers:
Noisemakers do no damage, but draw the attention of Zeds for a few seconds. Does not affect enraged enemies.

[Run-N'-Gun:] Move 15% faster. You may reload, swap weapons, and use the syringe while sprinting.
[Dexterous:] Increase reload speed with all weapons. Attack 20% faster with melee weapons.

[Gun Kata:] Bashing has increased force and a larger area of effect. Gain 20% increased weapon damage for 5 seconds after a successful bash.
[Guarded:] Gain 20% global damage reduction and 30% additional damage reduction if holding a melee weapon. Self-inflicted damage is reduced by 50%.

[Custom Calibration:] All upgrades cost 25% less but also sell for 25% less. You are unaffected by the weight of upgrades.
[Weapon Stockpile:] Increase carrying capacity by 5. Begin each game with a random Tier 1 weapon.

[Trusty Sidearm:] Increase damage with your 9mm pistol and goreshiv by 85%. You also regenerate 1 point of health every second when holding either weapon.
[Spontaneous Zed-plosion:] Zeds you kill have a 30% chance to explode, damaging and knocking down nearby Zeds.

[ZED TIME – Controlled Reaction:] Whenever you would normally trigger ZED Time you instead regenerate an Adrenaline Shot, if able. (Does not apply to ZED Time triggered by others.) If full, nothing happens. (If Adrenaline Shots are replaced with Noisemakers: Gain increased rate of fire, reload speed, and movement speed for a few seconds after ZED Time ends. Rename the skill.)
[ZED TIME - Scavenger:] During ZED Time, your weapon recoil is reduced by 25% and you earn 15% extra Dosh from kills, assists, and healing.

In the event that people would still want access to the "original" Survivalist, I'd recommend re-naming the original as something like "Mercenary" and simply adding this new version as a brand new Perk! As much as I hate to say it, one of the two could be turned into DLC in order to make this change more possible.
For more ideas, please take a look at my CrossPerk Perks or Tier 5 Shotgun concepts.
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