DerZooBunker public release

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Jun 14, 2007
Yes yes i know, this is a bit late. However i never got round to publicly releasing 'DerZooBunker' for ostfront, previously it was only playable on TWB servers. But, better really really late than never, hopefully it will be played by those still on ostfront. I am releasing 2 versions, beta 3, currently on TWB servers, and beta 4 which has not been tested on a server with players yet. Notable changes to beta 4 is more cover for Russians on the final cap, although im not sure that's whats needed anymore so if beta 4 doesn't work out, there's beta 3 available too.

As for a HoS remake, I think i'll do it later on when HoS has more content. Links are below, they are still being processed so they may not work straight away.

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May 15, 2007
Well I have asked you (or some server admin) "then" for allowing me to put this piece on my repository but no response, so I suppose now I add both versions there :p