Deceive Inc. Press Preview Roundup!

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Not so long ago we had a chance to show the press Deceive and give them some intel about this upcoming game of spies! Here is their take!

  • Polygon A spy-vs-spy thriller that blends subterfuge with silliness
  • NME Your new favorite multiplayer game
  • ShackNews A colorful spy party full of solo & team treachery
  • TheSixthAxis Deceptively fun stealth game shenanigans
  • IGN Combining Social Multiplayer, Stealth, and Hero Shooter - IGN
  • Sportskeeda A groovy heist experience
  • Sportskeeda Interview Philippe Pelletier-Baribault talks monetization, inspiration, and more
  • MMORPG Taking Social Stealth Game Deceive Inc For An Undercover Spin
  • Couple of Gamers we can't wait to see the final version of this game
  • GameReactor Subterfuge has never felt so sweet
  • TechRaptor I spy something fun
We can't wait to let future spies in on even more upcoming intel!
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OK, I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect a hero-shooter at all for some reasons. And while the market was overly saturated as Overwatch launched, I feel like most of them died out pretty quickly. Good enough of a reason to give it another try I'd say (although it doesn't seem like the characters are THAT different, so we'll see if it matters that much or if it's just up to personal preferences)

I also hope the basic, "three-steps formula" that the video mentions isn't the blueprint for EVERY match. It's probably toned down for the sake of the video, sure. But it could grow old pretty quickly if there isn't any other game mode (or maps) that spices things up.

Lastly, it did remind me a bit of that old "Spy vs Spy" game on the OG Xbox... In a good way ! I'm sure it will be one of those games where playing with friends makes the experience eons better.
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