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Deceive Inc. Post Launch Brief


Hello Agents,

Here we are a little over 24 hours past from when the game went live on all platforms, and what a time it has been! While we can’t wait to share with you some of our future plans for Deceive Inc. the focus right now is identifying player issues and fixing them as quickly as possible via a series of hotfixes and quality of life updates in the near and further off (weeks) future.

Before we go into what is coming up next in terms of fixes, we would like to go over what has already happened.
  • At launch a group of players reported not getting their intended items. The cause of this issue was quickly identified and fixed for many.
    • For players who still have items missing, please put in a ticket at support.deceiveinc.com so that the team may investigate and resolve this for you.
  • A PC crash was found and identified with a group of keyboard type users that rebound specific keys .
    • A client side hotfix went out yesterday to address this
  • Players reported matchmaking could result in them being placed in non ideal server locations
    • This was investigated, confirmed, and a backend update was issued to improve matchmaking and further backend work is happening to improve this further
  • A server side fix for a bad spawn location on Fragrant Shore has gone live today
  • A server side update to reduce Yu-Mi’s passive gadget cooldown from 90% to 50% is going live shortly
  • Investigated reports that turning off crossplay was broken
    • This proved incorrect, and we can confirm this is working as intended

Starting this morning the team is already at work generating and testing a hotfix build for PC and Playstation 5 players. The goal is to release the hotfix in the days ahead (within the week - we hope to have an Xbox hotfix to follow early to mid next week) if all goes well with internal testing. Please note, some items listed here may not make it into the first hotfix:
  • Improved stability for Playstation 5 hardware
  • Improved spawn system to help prevent Agents from spawning near each other
    • This system can be further updated/tweaked via backend and server updates
  • Fix for a bug that would allow rival agents to hear each others footsteps while disguised
  • Further improvements to server selection when matchmaking that require a client update

With a planned follow up (or two) to the above hotfix, the team is also currently working on other issues and feedback from the community. Once again please note, some items listed here may not make it into the first few hotfixes:
  • Improved stability on Xbox Series S|X (along with bringing the items from the first hotfix to Xbox)
  • Fix for cross platform parties not always working between Xbox and other platforms
  • Potential fix for the “Infinite” weapon and gadget scrolling bug
  • Unreliable achievement unlocking (Steam)

Just to be clear, an issue not being listed above does not mean it isn’t important, just that it is unlikely to make it into the first set of hotfixes.

We can’t thank you enough Agents for stepping into the world of Deceive Inc. with us, and we are looking forward to the journey ahead!
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