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Spies, check out the action and intrigue as you step into the field in this brand new gameplay reveal trailer! If you like what you see, be sure to volunteer for future field work as we continue to work on the game with alpha and beta tests.

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I'm still not sold on the aesthetics. It really screams free-to-play, and I feel the cartoon look has been overdone a long time ago. I feel similarly about the humor: not everything has to be a big joke, unlike what the current trending pop culture would tell.

I do find the callback to Hitman pretty funny though. Unless the announcer's voice is merely a coincidence?

I must admit that the idea of tricking each other with gadgets and backstabs pretty cool however ! I still have to get my hands on the game to judge, but if it's anything like that old "Spy vs Spy" game on the OG Xbox, I believe it could be super enjoyable with friends.