Debugging options in KF

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Sep 10, 2009
Buenos Aires
I've been playing around with uscripting in kf for a few days now.
Not beeing used to scripting languajes, what I find kinda hard is to debug my code.

After some reserch I've found a few tips to improve my debugging, but it still is kinda akward.
Console command showdebug it's usefull, but it sems to show only player's statics.
How can I see monsters statics (like current action, current state and so on) ?


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Nov 22, 2005

Try ShowDebug, then Viewclass pawn or Viewclass Monster or ViewBot.

Since there are no special jumps in Killing Floor it's easier to debug anyway and those commands might not even be all that necessary. You can right-click the bar over teh viewport in the editor and select View -> Show Paths to toggle the display of paths. Green is fine, white is even better than green, but not really necessary (bots can only use white paths with vehicles, but since KF is infantry only you can settle for green paths) and blue paths are fine too, but they are a bit too narrow for a bot's liking so it will try to use a green way, if possible.
The only thing you really need debugging for are jumpspots with complicated jumps and you can just watch the bots in that area manually. It's not like in UT2004 where you have a bunch of different advanced jumps. You mostly need jumpspots to tell bots they can drop down from something. If they can jump over small obstacles they do so automatically (like bots in UT2004 use normal jumps automatically).

Good luck either way!
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Oct 10, 2005
Most uscripters I know write out debug stuff into huge log files (then comment out the logging when it isn't needed).