Darkest Hour 3.0 out Tonight!

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Jan 29, 2009
ever heard of a term called ''fun gameplay'' ?

im playing RO scince the release, and the mod a few times too, and i never had any problem concerning really badly thought gameplay on official maps

as DH_Raids is an official map, it just plays horribly, same as brecourt, wich plays OK, but has some real immersionbreakers, like minefields right around the trenches, so you are only able to move inside the trenches as an american (once you have capped them off course)

some official DH maps just have incredibly BAD gameplay, or are so badly thought out, that i just leave the server as soon as those maps are beeing switched to (compared to custom maps off course)

there are many good examples, like foy, bois jacques, and allmost all other official maps or custommaps

there are just a few maps that shine throguht utter immersionbreaking ''gameplaydecissions'' or or utter bad gameplay

oh well, and yes, i know DoD, and i hate it
thanks for telling anyone not agreeing with your opinnion to basically **** off :rolleyes:

now go play some teletubby game, im sure you will love that! :rolleyes:

oh and btw, the Bazooka is totally bugged (and maybe the shreck too, but im never playing that class)
when your teammate's reload your bazooka, you are ready to fire, but if you get reloaded and get to 0 ammo, and then get reloaded again, your bazooka gets unloaded, and all ammo gets stripped from you

had that happen many times, when i was aiming at a tank, and right before shooting someon espammed his resupplybutton, reloaded me 2 times, and my round was gone
DoD may not be the best game in terms of gameplay, but it's easy to pick up and have fun with. The same with DoD:S.