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Daily quests reset


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2019
Category: Code

Reproducibility: Almost found a way to reproduce it 100%

Summary: When playing in squad, members of the squad may have their quests reset

Description: We (The friends I play with and I) discovered this bug few months ago but since I couldn't reproduce it, I wouldn't report it yet.

When we play online, I usually create a squad and invite my friends. After a game, they noticed their daily quests have changed. Since this never happened to me, I asked them to perform a file integrity check, that they did but no error were found.

Few days ago, after a game, a friend invited me in a squad. Once I joined, my daily quests have changed.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Play a game, alone or in squad (not 100% sure this is what trigger the bug, this needs to be tested)
  • Join a squad (The squad leader is never affected, I'm 100% sure about it)
  • The quests should have been changed
  • The squad leader joins a server
  • Members of the squad may have their quests changed
  • Play the game
  • Win or lose, I don't think this matters
  • The server loads the next map
  • Members of the squad may have again their quests changed
  • reproduce again and again
It doesn't matter if the quests were validated or not, the player gets 3 new quests. This could be exploitable giving potentially an infinite amount of daily quests


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2019
Update :

The steps to reproduce are (maybe) wrong, I still can't 100% reproduce. I just played with friends and their quests changed :

  • We launched the game
  • Friend A created a squad
  • Friend B joined the squad
  • They joined a server
  • I joined the squad during wave 2
  • Friend B died during wave 2
  • during wave 3 player B died again
  • he noticed his quests changed
  • We won the game
  • We vote for the next map
  • It loads
  • Friend A notice his quests has changed
  • We play the game
  • Friend B died during the game and boss wave
  • We won
  • We left the server
  • Friend A and B has their quests changed, again
I still can't reproduce on will, however I'm 100% sure it happens when we play in squad

Could be related to death
Could be related to changing perk too, a friend got his quests changed when he changed his class between 2 waves, but this is maybe not relevant (I changed perk during second game, between 2 waves and didn't got my quests changed)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2019

Just after my previous post, my friends got their quests changed, again :
  • Friend A re-created a squad and invited both friend B and me
  • We joined
  • Friend B got his quests changed
  • We join a server
  • Friend A and B got their quests changed
  • We played the whole game, no quests changing anymore
I hope this can help you to hunt down that bug, I'm developper too and I know how frustrating it can be when you know a bug but can't find it :D