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CustomGameTypes (CGT) Mod


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2011

Current Version (Whitelisted): 3.4.x

  • Search & Destroy: This is a 1-life gametype, with rounds that typically last up to 3-4 minutes. The attackers have to plant bomb(s) on objective(s) to destroy them, or they can eliminate the defenders. The defenders have to prevent the attackers from planting bomb(s), eliminate them, or defuse the bomb(s) if planted.
  • Capture The Flag: You have to take the flag of the enemy and bring it to your own flag bay to capture it. You can only capture when your own flag is home. The team that captures the most flags wins.
  • [CGT] Countdown: This is how the stock Countdown used to be, with some improvements. The time to beat is the total time, not only the time on the last objective. With CGT_CD, it is possible to capture one objective further. The Progression Widget has been overhauled to explain these modified conditions of victory. Also, the automatic reinforcements can be disabled. This gametype is used for the official TWI ladders. This gametype is not part of CGT anymore, since its features have been added to the stock gametype.



1) Extract the server package in your server.
2) Extract the redirect package in your redirect.
3) For independent maps, see the install instructions they give you.


  • Director: -=THOR=-
  • Programmers: -=THOR=-, Chasse and ShirtyKezRat
  • Gameplay Design: Mad_Fred, -=THOR=-, Chasse, met and GrimReality
  • Level Design: met and Mad_Fred
  • Level Creation: Mad_Fred
  • Level Conversion: -=THOR=-, Piriou, ShirtyKezRat and Spaehling
  • Audio: -=THOR=- and Sauron974
  • Textures/Materials: GrimReality, Gordon Freeman, Ian Runnels, -=THOR=-, Mad_Fred and Chasse
  • 3D Modeling: GrimReality, Ian Runnels and Mad_Fred
  • Special Thanks: Moskeeto, Traxx, [CGT] Testers and Rising Storm Testers

See our Recruiting Thread!

  • How hard is it to install the [CGT] mod?
    Are you able to extract zip archives? It is that hard.
  • Can I create new maps for the [CGT] mod?
    Yes! There is a very straightforward process that allows anyone to create maps for one of our gametypes, contact me for details.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 19, 2011
Good job!
Looking forward to install Capture the Flag mod on our new server on friday!

What about making CTF official and CD as a server setting(old/new way), Tripwire?

Keep up the good work!


Grizzled Veteran
May 14, 2009
Can we have working links for the redirect and server packages? I can't download them from my dedicated server, maybe mediafire overloaded??? For sur download stops after a moment..


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2011
In the next release of CGT, the Progression Widget (appearing at the top of the tactical overlay) has been overhauled to make the conditions of victory more obvious. Here's some screenshots.

"Victory" or "Defeat" does not appear on the last objective. It is false that at this stage, we can define or not whether the victory or the defeat happens on the last one, so that information has been removed.

Case 1: All objectives have been captured during the first half round
In that case, to get the victory, all objectives must be taken, and faster! A timer below the last objective displays the real-time TOTAL time left to get to it and capture it.

Case 2: Not all objectives have been captured during the first half round
At this point, we know that there are two ways to win, get to the same objective reached during the first round half faster, or get one objective farther. The total time left to beat the timer is displayed in real-time, but the possibility of winning by going farther is also displayed (grayed-out "Victory/Defeat", thanks to the suggestion of AKB).

If you get to objective C and you have more time left to beat the timer, than the objective time itself, C becomes the final point, "Victory/Defeat" is removed from under the next objective.

If you miss the timer on objective C, then the only way for a win, is to get to the next objective. The next objective is not grayed-out anymore, and C doesn't have "Victory/Defeat" and a timer below it anymore.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2011
Thor, in taking the time to solicit the advice of players who love the game and play at a high-level, and then mixing that advice with your talents as a player who is also a tremendous coder, you have continued to amaze.

Job well done -- and thank you for using your talents to help keep this game enjoyable and relevant for all of us.
You're welcome! Don't forget that most of the times, you guys give us excellent ideas too ;)!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 20, 2011
The public current version of CGT is 2.7.0. If you participate to the TWIL beta, you will be playing CGT_CD on 2.7.2, which hasn't been released publicly yet. Starting from 2.7.1 (non released), and for the next releases, the file size of the converted CD maps have been reduced significantly by changing how the sublevels are streamed:
CGT_CD-Apartments: 10 MB -> 1.4 MB
CGT_CD-Barashka: 71 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-Barracks: 12 MB -> 0.8 MB
CGT_CD-CommissarsHouse: 46 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-FallenFighters: 51 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-GrainElevator: 9 MB -> 1.3 MB
CGT_CD-Gumrak: 46 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-MamayevKurgan: 28 MB -> 0.9 MB
CGT_CD-PavlovsHouse: 46 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-RedOctoberFactory: 51 MB -> 28 MB
CGT_CD-Spartanovka: 23 MB -> 0.5 MB

The next public release of CGT will be CGT 2.8.0, and is planned to be available at the beginning of april. We hope that this file size reduction will please to server admins, since the download time is now extremely reduced.
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