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Jun 10, 2019
Yoshiro Well the only issue I can provide an example for off hand is the Canvas.PushMaskRegion one. Basically a text draw and create a FontRenderInfo and set bClipText to true, then call Canvas.PushMaskRegion before drawing the text and Canvas.PopMaskRegion after, the text will not be clipped within the bound you defined like it should

Edit: Seems I got myself mixed up here, setting bClipText causes the issue but it seems even without it the text isn't wrapped and it's still useless since Canvas.StrLen does not support setting the font scale
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May 1, 2015
(this will require maps to have a custom .ini that ships with them so the game knows what modes it supports).
This is gonna cause a lot of problems for custom map maker's and server owner/operator's *UGH*

The sharing of any custom maps that require the .ini will have the added possibility of being done incorrectly with the current workshop upload setup... just making it more difficult to get content on workshop by the authors. Also if the config would like to be changed for individual use it will constantly be re-written by Steam KF2 workshop if the client is subscribed to the content. *UGH -again* Seems like a poor fix and not a very well thought out one at that.