crippled tanks

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 16, 2006
N.Yorks, UK
I don't understand how a tank with it's engine on fire can drive around normally. Surely it should be stranded and incapable of movement except for the turret and that should be slower if you assume that it has to be hand cranked due to the 75mm shell sticking out of the battery. I'd also like to see crew damage if a penetrating shot is registered in a crew positition that is occupied. At the moment tank damage is essentially irrelevant. Only track damage has any effect and that seems to happen very rarely.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 8, 2006
Man, I've gotta be one of the unlucky ones. I take track damage all of the time. Usually I just tell the driver and MG'er to bail and get picked up by another tank. It's one of the few times where I find soloing in tanks acceptable.