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Aug 1, 2006
no mate just sort of whips it's tail up as most of it's predators ie sharks will actually have to swim above them as they tend to sit on the sea bed thats why you can find them in the shallows alot


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Nov 21, 2005
Baltimore, MD, USA

you can barely see these things, especially if you aren't looking for it


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Oct 11, 2005
A cool little story I thought I would share about Steve Irwin that I heard on the radio this morning.

I live in Illinois, about 45 minutes away is the Quad Cities. There is a guy from there that was on one of those charter fiching deals that was taking people out diving.

As this boat reached the place they were diving, they had docked and were greeted by an Australian man who introduced himself as Steve Irwin. This man admitted, he had no clue who Steve Irwin was and really hadn't remembered much of the conversation till later. Steve told them he would be in the same area filming a documentary on Sea Lions.

To make a long story short, this mans boat from Illinois somehow slammed into a cliff face and he was thrown literally into the rock and blacked out. He woke with a female friend still in the water. The rock face was too high to climb. He was in the water about 12 hours before high tide that landed him on top of these rocks.

For another 12 hours he and his friend were stranded. Steve learned of the accident and went looking for the man. He ended up finding them and scaled the rock face.

The man said he was so kind when he had gotten to them. He has given the man his own life jacket and scuba gear. Steve had risked his life just to reach the couple on the ledge.

I guess they have showed the footage of this on animal planet a couple times since the death of irwin. All numbers and facts of this little story are approximate but close. I was going on an hours sleep when I heard it, and the man telling the story was recalling a time that was a horrible experience for him. He even mentioned he had almost forgotten about it at times.

I guess the small and skinny, Some men can tell you they are a man, and some you know they are a man.


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Nov 21, 2005
Miami, FL
I know I'm kind of late in joining this thread...

So there I was, 3:30am Labor Day, getting off the computer. I hit MSNBC once more before hitting the sack, and there's the news article. Bam - Croc Hunter dead. Hit me with a shock.

I'd watched Steve for 8 years, and even though I wasn't a hardcore viewer, I definitely appreciated his work and his enthusiasm. You watched him for one second and you knew right away that this is a man who loved what he did and wanted to share that feeling. Always with the khakis and a smile and a selfless, fearless way.

I remember seeing the episode/special where his wife gave birth to their first child. I've never seen a happier, prouder dad than that. And screw the people who yelled and screamed at him for holding his son while feeding a croc. It's no worse than people taking their little ones hunting or horseback riding. He knew what he was doing and if, in the infinitesimal chance that the croc had attacked them, you knew he would have let himself be dragged to his death at the bottom of the pond before letting the croc touch his boy.

It's just a shame. A good man lost.


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Nov 26, 2005
What do you see? A man climbing a tree to find out more and to prove the "safeness" about the beings which live here on earth with us but on the way there he breaks a tree branch?

He must be a cardinal sin amongst enviromental activists.


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My friend Vicky, has a father who is a diplomat, and this is what she told me. Just thought I'd share it.

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I got the real scoop on Irwin.

Dheepan | Indie-an. says:
oh really?

Current Obession: Korean Dream Stars says:
mm-hm, my dad's Aussie friend.
He was going with the filming crew. =o
The sting ray was 300 pounds. And six feet long.
It was this guy (who was my dad's friend's friend) who was really his fault.

Dheepan | Indie-an. says:

Current Obession: Korean Dream Stars says:
Because the ray was coming to him, and he didn't move.
So it bumped into the camera, and it swung up it's tail and stabbed steve.

Dheepan | Indie-an. says:
: O

Current Obession: Korean Dream Stars says:
So it was the camera man's fault. He should have moved.

Dheepan | Indie-an. says:

Current Obession: Korean Dream Stars says:
Can you imagin.
A ray bigger, and ****ing heavier tha you.